Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year Resolution: Respect

For many of us, the New Year is a time of new beginnings, of resolutions, of fresh starts (setting audacious intentions and priorities for the year ahead). For some, it is also a time for reflection on the events and choices of the past year.

Many have feasted the New Year with wild celebration; however, I typically spent New Year Eve in secluded meditation. I have, thus, pondered on priorities for the New Year, 2011. And this year’s resolution, I committed to follow a simple moral code of Respect.

Respect to me is a simple act of giving particular attention or a special regard, taken together or taken care of, respect for self, others, and the whole planet.

I will give high regard and attention to myself. This means I will take good care of myself, dragging myself on a virtuous path. I will take good foods only (avoiding drugs, alcohols, cigarettes, bad friends). I will give myself timely sleep and daily exercise which can help reduce my stress and sickness.

Giving high regard and attention to other people, I will be respecting them and not having anger, greed, or hatred toward them. It means I can foster happiness to my relatives or friends or co-workers or beloved ones and all other people. I will only tell truth, be honest. I will never harm them or gossip maliciously about them. I will also never exploit the weaker sex (women), youth, elder citizens, physically challenged people and the poor. Instead I will reach out and help them.

Since culture is very important for any independent nation like Bhutan, I will give high regard to my religion, national dress, language or local dialects, custom and tradition, ritual and take care of them from their dilution, destruction and negligence.

I will keep our country’s national interest above anything to protect and keep our country sovereign and independent. I will also respect our great forefathers and all the Kings for their insurmountable sacrifices and hard works and bestowing us with sovereignty, prosperity and peace.

Lastly I will usher my highest regard and attention for the planet and its inhabitants. I will join the fight against reducing our human consumption and refilling diminishing resources from the earth. I will encourage stopping deforestation, exploiting mining and menacing urbanization. I will also stop eating meat or killing animals, and wearing animal-produced garments. I will rather initiate practicing green-gardening and consuming local products and help earth grow sustainably by planting more green trees and avoiding environmentally hazardous practices.

My resolution for the year of 2011 is as simple as any one can keep it. May this New Year 2011 be a wonderful year for all!


  1. good luck with all your resolutions...its such a pious wish...let it come all true....
    happy new year

  2. Really this is New Year for You. A day of charity will have 1000 years of Enjoyment..Carry on Bro... I am with You!!!!