Monday, July 25, 2011

A love letter writer

During your school days, many of you (I’m talking to girls) would have received love letters from your admirers and boyfriends. Some of you, tagged beauty queens of school in those days, might have collected hundreds. But let me ask you this. (This question may jeopardize your glorious pride of having received the world's best letters). Errmm…the question is…do you really think that those letters you received during your school days were actually written by your admirers or boyfriends. Sorry, I am here to unlock this secret today, though it lauds hurtful. Hush-hush! 

When I was a school student, you know what? I was a love letter writer. But hey, I never wrote for myself, but for other boys. After winning two consecutive prizes in the school Essay Writing Competitions, I was targeted by the boys, for them, to write love letters, to their dream girls and girlfriends. I was coaxed, sometimes even bullied by them. 

In those days, it was before 2000, in absence of mobile network and internet, love letter was the only bridge that connected young lovers. The expression of one’s feelings or love was, thus, exclusively reflected in the love letters. The school rules and regulations had been draconically strict that boys and girls were mostly kept separated from meeting. A brief meeting during intervals and study hours was never an enough time to express their unconquerable ocean-deep love and eternal feelings. The brutal truth was that even trespassing the girls’ hostel fence had forced a few students expelled from the school. Unhindered by all this; however, still the students braved to write and send love letters.

Voila! There you see the reason why love letter was to be written in best way, and express the best feelings. That’s why boys chose the best person from the school, good in English, to write for them. And I became an inexhaustible treasure-house of love letters for them. 

Love letters usually flied; oh, sneaked from one hand to another very fast, and secretly. Role of a postman (used for both sex), who carries love letters between two love birds, was very significant. A cagey affair, though. This middleman must ensure that the letters should reach to the designated girl or boy unmistakably. If the letter was being grasped by any teacher or matron or warden then both love birds had to stand ominous consequences, as severe as terminating from the school.

Trend would have it that a boy always had to initiate and write letters to a girl. Then he waits for the reply. I have such a letter (reply from a girl) which is called suspension letter. Read it below: 

Make a curry,
Don’t be hurry. 

Guess what? Unlike today, what is paramount in those days was that boys had such a good quality of patience to wait for the reply. They could seemingly wait even for a year, or till they passed out from the school, though desperately.

In most letters, I always tried to be very blunt in expressing feelings for girls. Personification, rhymes, similes and metaphors were commonly applied to decorate or add further gloss to the letter and impress girls. Following letter is one that was written in the best style: 

Elephant is fat,
My handwriting is bad.
Fly, fly, fly, my letter fly
If you don’t reply, I will cry. 


Cows need grass,
Babies need milk,
I need you. 

Ouch, while writing a proposal letter a boy should be always prepared for the rejection letter as shown below (it is a rejection letter by a girl): 

I have a pen that is blue,
I have a friend that is you. 

However, the good thing as a love letter writer was that some boys used to come to me with packed lunch, fresh fruits, cookies and stationery. More importantly, it advantaged me in improving my English language proficiency. Also, it increased my vocabulary. Oh man, to keep up level of the expectation that my friends had on me, I had to read voraciously and refer the Oxford Dictionary frequently. Each day I had learned new words, new stories and new ways to vent one’s love or feelings. Today I could write this post just because of them. Thanks to them!


  1. Great one Rikku.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the "flowery style" of writing "Pen need ink......". I think such flowery/poetic sentences still exits in the school going children.
    My daughter, who is going to class III wrote following phrase as a best wishes to her friend for exam. "Flowers are round, eggs are round but don't get round in your exam".

  2. This is wonderful post brother Rikku, It makes me to think of my school days. I also helped a lot of my friends in writing love letters to their admirer one beside my own writing to my girl friend. Some of the phrases mentioned in your post makes me laugh.You make me to recollect my school days.

  3. Bravo! Liked it!

    Well, I am fun maker of love letters at my time cz I hated the phrases like "I will bring the moon and starS for you even if I can't reach it" ... Foolish! I really got irritated over it and how can he write it to me when he can't reach at all though it shows his limitless love for a girl (not offending any boys but this is what I thought though few of my friends found it sweet). But now, thanks to the internet and phones {everyone is connected and keeping in touch] and that boys have become fanciful and sensible enough to say I LOVE YOU so boldly. Thanks to Facebook again exposing their relationship to the viewers (too convincing for the girl to believe his love for her but not really necessary to follow this trend)Girls are girls; Girls know nothing and they are still best..afterall it the girl's decision to be with the her boy. Smart decision!!!

  4. Very interesting sir...,
    For me too, love letters did more good than bad.
    There was a guy in my school who fell for girls quite often. He wrote many letters by himself and somehow managed to reach to the girl, but I never heard him getting a 'yes' reply for any of those letters. But he had a good way of maintaining what we call dignity-each time he wrote a letter to a girl, he waited for the reply for about a week and then send another letter if things didn't seem to go well. But this time a 'break letter'. this way, he saved himself from getting 'badly rejected'.

    Perhaps Rikku sir could have been of big asset to my poor friend. :)

  5. @ Yeesi, LOL. @ Rikku sir, a nice post. I too did write a lot of love letters for my friends and for myself as well, :P. I did it even in the high school lol. You know how it feels like when you have to put your expressions in place of some other guys' feelings. But for the proficiency in language, they would prefer my help than their own feelings being noted down. Enjoyed reading your post. You can see a similar post in my blog at You may read it if you want to... Keep posting :)

  6. Ha ha Guys!!!! Nice one reminded of mine...someone would write 1000 Anu's or something like that but never a poem. Enjoyed reading your post. Cheers :)

  7. Awesome! Reading your article is like pressing the refresh button of our memory. It brought back a lot of incidents of my life. I remembered writing my senior friend's love letter reply(1998) and was a keyboard once(2001), writing whatever she said. Had fun reading your post.

  8. Bingo! Mr. Rikku...enjoyed a lot going through your piece...keep melting the readers' heart...

  9. superb article, i remembered my old days when i was teenager.i remembered that day when i saw my friend giving letter to her love. i loved reading this article .
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