Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We cooperate with you if you deal us humanely

Last Sunday I was travelling back from Gelephu. I was shell-shocked, and more than that angry. At various checkpoints on the Gelephu-Thimphu highway, there were frequent inspections by regional immigration and police officials. I understand that the checking is for national security, but, we want the immigration and police officials to deal us humanely.

I dare say that the inspectors are giving brutal harassment to the travelers. Firstly, they didn’t announce the public extensively to carry the identity cards with them while traveling.  This is the reason many travelers are denied entry from the check points and harassed unnecessarily.

Secondly, there’s a need to knock down some manners in the police officials who are on inspections. They act and speak so rude to the passengers. They treat the travelers as criminals. We understand they’re doing all this for the security of our country. But ours is a civilized society. We cooperate with them if they deal us humanely.

Perhaps they think that only policemen are serving the Tsa-wa-sum. The truth is that we as citizens of this country also serve the Tsa-wa-sum. The reality is that we’re on different leagues of arm forces, civil servants, corporate employees, businessmen or framers.

Next time when we have such great event in our country, I suggest the MoHCA to inform the public in general extensively about the inspections. This kind of sudden inspection only arouses rues over public and mistreatments from the inspectors. And yeah, to the head of the RBP-better knock down civil attitude in your police officials and make them public-friendly.


  1. Great post sir!...i would love to have a cup of tea with you over this issue,,,keep posting...

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