Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On my signature

My signature is crap and sloppy as hell. It’s very tiny and looks like scribble on the wall by kid. Its shape is even more terrible and it, surely, will disgust you. Nor, it really represents my full name.

If the signature was a snapshot of our personality, then I am the man with stinking attitude and demented character. Look at my signature below, feel disgusted and call me, careless, moron or asshole or kutta, anything you like. I will tolerate this time, at least for my crap signature. 
                                                 Pic: Not only terrible, inconsistent too

The funny thing is that I’ve neat handwriting-perhaps-the best handwriting you would ever see. My school or college mates used to call it ‘computer handwriting’ and ‘calligraphy in the old manuscripts’.

But here is what weird you would see. After I took civil service job, I’ve been signing lots of stuff for work. My signature has significantly evolved over time. Sad, it has further deteriorated and become even more inconsistent. I loathe it so much as I do to those bogus politicians. 

I never got the impression my signature was a big deal until last month. You’d be surprised to hear this. The teller of Bank of Bhutan stopped the transaction and looked at me suspiciously. She compared the signature I signed on the withdrawal form to the original signature card of my account. My signature didn’t match. I had to produce my ID. 

Many times I attempted to redevelop my signature. But I admit that a person like me can never write a good signature. I lack vision and creativity in developing a good signature. 
However, according to the experts, my signature has all the good traits to reveal. They are below:
1. My smaller size signature indicates that I’ve less desire.
2. My signature which is completely different from the usual writing shows that I’m introvert and do not desire to disclose everything about me.
3.  My filthy signature tells that I love to keep things in private and desire to keep my true identity unknown.
4. A straight line under my signature reveals that I’m a self-reliant and believe in following rules and traditions.
5. The three dots at the end of my signature reveal that I’m very ambitious.


  1. wwoooww your signature laready have lot of hidden meaning in it. How can you say that its a "crap" and "sloppy" ?

    i have a very different signature too. Its a combination of Dzongkha and English. I would like to write abt it one.....

    Check out....

    All the best Rikku.

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  3. The loops indicate you are generous!
    Judging your three signatures in one scene, you are unpredictable!
    (sorry no offence meant,just adding onto the signature reading thing:) )

  4. Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I am unpredictable. Generous? I don't know but I love be one.

  5. Haha! Sorry but I had to laugh in between your lines where you were asked to produce your id because of different signatures.
    I was worried I might do the same mistakes because I have the similar designed signature with invisible letters in the middle and the ends with two dots ;)

    I don't know what my signature describes me but I am hoping it gives me a positive hidden meaning like yours.

    You got a significantly secret sloppy signature :D