Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Compassionate youth

When their fellow-youth are involved in all sort of anti-social activities, a group of 19 Sherubtseans (including two students of Kanglung MSS) meaningfully spent their entire winter vacation touring the country. They have toured 13 dzongkhags creating awareness on the brutality of animals and of course advocating the Jangsa Animal Saving Trust (JAST).

They have performed cultural events for the public in the streets, towns and schools. One of the participants told me, “We’re doing all this for the love of animals, to support the Jangsa, and to engage ourselves meaningfully during the vacation.”

This group has collected Nu 230,000 through donations for JAST. 

They have donated Nu 30,000 each to Bhutan Kidney Association (BKA) and Lhaksam.

The group also rescued six yaks.

Last Tuesday, along with Lam Kunzang (founder, JAST), Lhamo Drukpa (local artist, social worker), Tshering Dorji (actor, founder of Happy Valley) and Tashi Namgay (founder, BKA), I invited this group of students and organized a cultural program for the patients living at JDWNRH. The program which started from 2 ended at 7:30 in the evening. The patients and their attendants were so happy, perhaps after so many years they’ve been treated with live cultural performance by a young and compassionate group of students and the very popular singer Lhamo Drukpa.

Almost all the patients of the hospital have sung and danced. See the smiles and cheers.

The young students also served them with groceries, tea and snacks. 

All the members of BKA applaud this group of students for their noble initiative and remarkable work and for bringing smiles and laughter in all patients.


  1. Wow, this is truly amazing sir. I also applaud the great job they have done and may such youths continue to bless our country. Thanks for sharing. Really appreciated, folks. Keep up the good work. Greetings from India... God May Bless you all in you life.

  2. three cheers for everyone involved :)

  3. Excellent work successfully completed. Really really amazed at what they have done to the community and I hope such initiatives continue each day and each week and each month and each year.