Friday, February 3, 2012

Spring is here, finally

There comes a time, no matter how cold, how dark, how cruel winter can get, spring would embrace us. And that time is now, that spring is here. 

Yesterday evening (all bright, barely cloudy, still all cold out in the open) while returning my home from office, I spotted a tree budding, fresh leaves sprouting. Oh! Spring is here, finally.

I was-in a word-ecstatic, ah.

I stopped abruptly, excited. Stopped right there. Branches of the tree kept dancing with the wind. And I took out my camera, took shots, one after another. Every snapshot of it, I’ve stolen in my digital lens, has appealed me, intrigued me.

Flurries of birds were wheeling around in noisy flocks as if they were welcoming spring, celebrating the warmth, the resurgence. And I, too, joined these cheerful birds in welcoming spring. I dropped to my knees, saluting its timely coming and again blessing us with warmness, beauty and love.

I offer you some photographs. Simply beautiful!!!

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  1. Then it is rightly said that, "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever" :)