Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The warmth of sun

Friends, it’s time for me to return to blogging after a week-long vacation in Gelephu with my parents. And I tell you, what a time-together it was.  I hope you, too, had spent time with your beloved ones this solstice. It’s revitalizing in many ways, isn’t it?

But, today, I’m here to offer you some beautiful photographs I took while I was in Gelephu. My pictures are of suns and prayer flags against the glorious sky.

I stopped, walked toward the sun, and took this shot. It is, oh thank god, awesome.

How can you expect me to miss the beauty spread out above me in the sky?

As I took this shot, my mind was spiraling out, Milky Way style.

We feel, at times, we start missing things even before they have gone. And truly, this is the one moment!

Oh good, I realized, when you see beautiful things you think of the person you love most.

All I could do was, keep watching and shooting. 

Then, a little while on, I looked and saw the sun turned pink.  I was delighted beyond words.


  1. amazing pictures sir. totally loving it :)

  2. Really awesome pictures. You're a great photographer and I love your pictures.