Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I dance in bliss and plentitude

Yesterday evening I sat, thoughtless, as I was looking out from my window. Oh my God the day was not ok. It’s raining, thick and gray and made me cry, “No, no, no! Common, this is spring. How come raining?” This cold weather only made me want to cuddle in my bed, disgruntling. Burrow deep into my pillows, curl under blankets. 

But I kept staring out the window, quiet and contemplative. And I drew my focus, eventually, closer to a peach plant next to the place I stay. I saw the plant dancing against the raindrops, in bliss and plentitude. I ran down, sat near the peach and watched it, strangely fascinated.

The earth beneath my feet loosened, the plant’s dark barks bearing flowers, the root absorbing rainwater. Flowers and shrubs nearby are sprouting with lush leaves and flowers. And you know this rain (which we, humans, been cursing for making our day worse) is only doing its service duly to the nature, to us. It’s only watering (or feeding) the plants around us. So that once again the plants grow beautiful in lush green and greet us with fresh spring fragrance and colours. 

And like the flock of birds swirling around the peach plant, I danced in a fury of excitement, welcoming the spring, warmth and love.                

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  1. Nature is our friend and it does know how to make us happy at an unknown time and we take pleasure in what we see in them.

    You are a real Observer :D