Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On students’ packed lunches

Schools in Bhutan have already resumed their new academic year. It’s always very encouraging to see students carrying lunchboxes to their schools. The education ministry and all schools would be applauded for such initiative. However, the content of foods in their packed lunches is not so encouraging. 

And we are what we eat. Most students’ packed lunches contain typically fat-rich traditional Bhutanese foods (higher in saturated fat, sugar and salt and often contain packaged noodles). These foods are, not at all, helping to encourage healthy diet that is so important for children’s health and future. More dishearteningly, parents are failing to put enough fruit and vegetables into their children’s packed lunches.

I know it it’s difficult for parents to control what their children eat. But, our parents can influence what is in their packed lunches. A few months back, I had a brief meeting with a Japanese nutritionist at JDWNRH. She told me that it’s very important to ensure children’s packed lunches always contain some portion of fruits and vegetables.

According to the nutritionist, fruits and vegetables fall under protective foods group that contain essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that help protect your children from diseases. Also, they boost your children’s intelligence and energy level and control their weight.

P.S.  Pass across this message to all parents. Thank you!

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  1. My first impression, "Wow, the lunch baskets, they are colorful and pretty"
    Anyways, coming to lunches, I think Bhutanese are not that conscious about the diet like the Westerners do. Agreeing?