Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wearing it with dignity

Gho and kira are the essence of our national identity. We wear it with love and pride. However, we see around many chilips wearing gho and kira enthusiastically. Some wear it good, perhaps their hosts would be helping them wearing it, beautiful. But we see others wearing it so disgracefully (like in the picture below). But don't you think it's the duty of every Bhutanese citizen to ensure that your guests or chilip friends wearing our costume properly, with dignity?
Indeed, it's the moral responsibility of this Bhutanese man walking next to chilip to help the foreigner wearing his gho properly.

Photo: Chencho Thinley


  1. Rikku, the problem here is not with the Chillip nor the guy who's walking just next to him(his guide or whomsoever), the real problem is the mismatch between the size of the gho and the Chillpi's stature! it's too small for him...

    1. Still the guide or his friends can help him buy the right size gho.

  2. Yeah...I too find him over-sized for that gho.