Friday, April 20, 2012

Letting it go

I learn everyday. Each new day is one more day that surprises me with new awakening, wisdom. That’s why I feel, at times, that I live wide awake. And this overwhelms me. Really. This is obvious reason why I want to live long. And die as an old man. Wise and fully awake. I hope you, too, feel the same. Do you? 

As I walk between my house and office every day, I spend quite a deal of time watching trees, flowers, chirping birds, crimson clouds and the sun. And the moon and stars at night. I sit, reverent, as I watch them. Pondering. Wondering. I find song in them, truthfully, the essence of life. How? I don’t know. I can’t explain it to you. But I do feel it. I do hear it. I do understand it, deep in my heart.
But all this remind me one important thing. A time of transition. That we live in a world of transition. That we change. That everything around us transit. And interestingly, we also learn to let things go and readjust ourselves to the change.

Lo and behold, the year is already at spring. Trees, grasses and flowers have themselves sprouting in lush green, colourful. This is time of transition, isn’t it? I can feel we’re slowly creeping into another season. Inexorably though. After a month, we’ll be moving into warmer and wet season. Summer. Then into season of fall. Autumn. Each change of season, though reluctantly, we learn to readjust, right? 

And you don’t know how much I dislike change. I’m really a kind of person holding-onto-things-and-never-them-go. But each time I watch trees and flowers, it makes me to realize that holding onto something is futile. For example, though a tree grows lush green in spring and summer, it has to ultimately shed its leaves in autumn. 
Whatever we’re holding onto, we just have to let them go. Oh, I cannot stop thinking about this. About a year and half before, my heart was badly broken. You’re right! Yes, I broke up from my girlfriend with whom I had spent a solid seven years and was thinking I can never live without her. I suffered. I shed endless tears, literally. Thank goodness, now my heart is mended and I learned to live without my first love. I learned to be strong, took each day step-by-step and survive every sad moment. For better or worse I learned that sometimes growing up means letting go. 

Whether you realize it or not, every day you come across lots of change and transition. Every hi ends with goodbye. A good friend of yours may turn back at you when you need him/her the most. You may get a fast-track promotion. This is also possible that you may lose your beloved ones. And this naïve philosopher in me cannot help thinking that we tread every day on thin line between holiness and adversity. 

Knowingly or unknowingly, we let go things or people every day. But the good news is that we learn to readjust as we tread the routine of transition. This is yet again best taught by the tree that loses its leaves, stays barren, however, readjusts to stand alive in harsh cold winter. 
And there comes a time, ah, that we’ll be in our deathbed. Inevitably. That time though we’re very much attached to our beloved ones, properties, beautiful memories and this wonderful world, we’ve to learn to accept the truth of life. We let go our beloved ones and this beautiful world and learn to prepare for afterlife. 

Hold on for a sec! After all, isn’t every day holds an ending? Aren’t we letting go every single day and nearing to that end, death?

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  1. Sum1's truly bitten by the philosopher's bug. :P yeah truly said ''Every hi ends with goodbye'' that because change is inevitable. we need changes and its universal.

    Letting it go - if u let sum1 go away from u there are probability that u deserve better. :P

    anyways nicely written n its very captivating from my observations effect. i like the way u have expressed urself with the metaphor from nature.

  2. Hi Riku,
    His Holiness The Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche points out that,"awakened ones always think that there is nothing as change and nothing exists. What ever we see is just an illusion". At times, I feel that, why can't we also visualize what ever we see and feel are just an illusion. Why are Rinpochhe(s) different and how can they think in such a manner? and why can't we be like them?
    Looking from our own eyes and thinking, the never ending processes of change we see in phenology is just a reflection of our own life. Like, we can't except the same flowers, leaves or fruit to grow in same tree every year, we can't except ourselves to have same strength and capability with time. We feel that nothing is static. We are deceived by what we see and feel. For instance we are entangled by small issues like promotion (P level) etc, etc.
    At-times it is hard to think that smallest thing on earth can influence our feelings and take us through the whole processes of pain and suffering. \
    For sure we can't be like Rinpoche (s) to avoid such suffering. Thus, only option left for us is, take things to be positive and be a good human beings and face the situation with strength and devotion.
    Very nicely written,
    I liked it.
    Sangay Wangchuk.

  3. Yeah, I had a lot of awakening moment from various harsh realities of life and it feels good that I am able to accept it as a matter of fact.
    You did the same thing. You are much more new you from all those broken heart (This is what I see in you). For now, I am sure you have lost the reason to trust people. It happens and I hope you don't have another philosophy explanation for it.
    I really enjoyed reading your post!
    Awesome as always with bitter memories teaching us to live again.
    Take care!

  4. wow most beautiful picture sir,.........

  5. No matter whether we accept it or not changes happens and there is nothing much we could do about it. The least we can do is just sit back and watch after all we can’t have control over it. Wonderful post.. thanks for sharing… keep posting..

  6. To love doesn't mean to have, but to let them live happily...