Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snowfall in Thimphu

This morning when I first opened my window curtains, the view outside awe-struck me. Oh my god, Thimphu has turned into a magical land. We’ve our first gorgeous snowfall of the year today in Thimphu.

The tree limbs are snapped with snow. The dusty winter world is all covered with a crisp winter white. The leaves, footpaths, roofs of buildings and cars and the entire valley dress in white world. Snow falls so thick, so mesmeric, so beautiful.

This snowfall brings children running out their doors. They play with snowballs and run their faces skyward and spinning around, gently falling on the snow piled ground. I go outside and play with children. This snow turns me into a child again, because I let it.   

As I run around to take its pictures, the shimmering of snowflakes glitter in the air, slowing tumbling fall through, on the white ground. It’s as if the lacy flakes dance and twirl and mimic our hearts – I feel lighter, joyful and magical. Some photographs here:


  1. Very beautiful pictures!..
    I really miss those!..:)

  2. I still remember myself playing with a furry snow, snow war among all! Missing my childhood friends!

  3. It's a heaven on earth. I miss home.