Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In the stillness and silence

I spend much of my week muddling through endless tasks. You say it and the list goes on: office works, attending meetings, incessant phone calls, doing household chores and clearing bills. I just wonder (at times) that I was set on for a rollercoaster ride - that simply goes on and on. Filled with constant ups and downs, tears and laughter, joy and sadness.

And you just can’t imagine how much I love weekends. Weekends, for me, are the perfect time to set myself on a predetermined task, un-dictated by time and circumstances around me. I’m much luckier, too, that I live here in Motithang. Because just a few minutes walk uphill I can step into the most serene and beautiful hill of Thimphu.

This is the place where every weekend I march into for a quick stroll. The hill overlooks the entire Thimphu City. It is, undeniably, an ideal escapism from the stresses of modern city life; yes, from the rollercoaster ride of life.

Like on all other weekends, last Saturday, I walked on a meandering footpath here breathing in the spring’s fresh fragrance. This footpath leads to somewhere faraway. I don’t know precisely where. And I’ve my hands shoved into my jacket’s pockets – whistling a song that I really don’t know.

I kept walking and walking with no precise destination in my mind. By the way, I was just enjoying the walk as much as those birds wheeling around the spring’s blossoms. I tell you that walking here is healing and all that, my mind at peace. I can’t explain you how, for it’s something I cannot put into words.

Should you aspire for a meditative mind or a peaceful moment after your stressful week, perhaps a walk here be proposed.

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  1. That's a good recommendation. I should try it once when I am reach Bhutan. :D