Friday, July 19, 2013

A walk with a fellow-blogger

I was leisurely walking on a road way above my house in Motithang. It’s a quiet and peaceful evening. So to say. And this road, stretching from Motithang to Zilukha above Thimphu City, is an incredibly amazing place to propose on a stroll in the evening.       

Like always, I squinted through my earpiece listening to music. And I walked on this road, alone. I didn’t talk to anybody. But to my surprise, on the road, at that moment, I met a blogger who was also out on the walk. Sangay Thinley who blogs at

It’s very interesting say that most of us, the fellow-bloggers, haven’t met in life. But quite wondrously, we know each other very well. Yes, through our blogs, our writings. And when we meet in person, we can easily recognize one another. Just amazing, isn’t it?

I greeted Sangay. In fact, we needed no introduction. So, we decided to walk together, along the road, since both of were out on the walk. The road has amazing views looking down at gorgeous Thimphu City. And as we walked, we talked so intently, becoming intoxicated by the variety of green trees and engulfing clouds that consumed the entire flat valley of Thimphu.

Once we started walking, we couldn’t stop. Once we started talking, we couldn’t stop. We kept on walking. We kept on talking. We talked about our nagging hunger for reading and writing. We shared, at length, which books that we read in the recent time and how they inspired us. He delighted me with his simplicity, astute critical mind and literary talents.

An avid reader of latest books, Sangay told me, “I love Khaled Hosseini and his books. I’m all eagerly waiting for his new book, ‘And the Mountains Echoed’.”

“I would love to read it too. If you found the book, please share it with me,” I requested him.

So we concentrated on talking, with hardly looking at the passerby and moving cars on the road. But the core of our conversation was something different. Far afar.  It’s about blogging, the bloggers. This is one topic that once I started talking about it, I can’t really stop.

And we talked about some of our bloggers who maintain their blogs so beautifully, so consistently. “I envy those bloggers. I salute them,” I said it, really meaning it. Then, we went on talking about a handful of those fantastic bloggers who had completely abandoned their blogs.

“It’s sad to see them abandoned their beautiful blogs,” we said, giving our heads a shake.

However, we consoled ourselves chatting about our upcoming new and young bloggers. “They are very enthusiastic and inspiring too,” Sangay remarked.

Then, we shared a small talk on how difficult it is to maintain a blog, especially if you are working and have a family. We agreed that it’s very difficult to find a fresh and original idea for our blog post. And filling in the page with words.

As the sun went down, we walked down the road in Motithang that followed the main town of Thimphu. And we marched into a small restaurant in Motithang. We sipped on a fantastic cup of tea as we continued our conversation.

There, I discovered that Sangay and I shared and walked the life’s same road. We’ve of the same reckoning with life. In this road - the long bumpy ride of life - both of were surprised by life, stumbled many times. Yet we could found our way back to love, to life, and still walking on this life’s road, ever stronger and wiser.   


  1. Lucky that male bloggers are straight. :) Nice post.

  2. Dear Rikku,

    I am sure you guys had a wonderful time...I presume that my blog must have also been the topic..ahem ahem.... I try my best to maintain my blog as beautiful and neat as possible... but some how these days I am getting so caught up with my official duties and family chores....

    till then its nice to see regular updates coming on your blog.. I am your regular please continue....



  3. Thanks both of you for reading this post and of course following my blog despite your busy schedule. We did surely talk about your blog and all others. Keep writing and share it on your blog. I would love to read it. Have a wonderful day!

  4. I too meet a blogger friend at his home, but I couldnt recognise him until he said, "You are Lethro, rite?" I blushed, :p.
    Interesting post Rikku sir. :)

  5. Interesting post, Rikku sir. It's nice to know that you two caught up. I know how it feels to wlak along and talk with like-minded people. The conversation just goes on and on. I would like to meet you one day. Hopefully, very soon. :) Keep writing.

  6. Its refreshing to read your post everyday, it has something new to tell every time.Interesting post Mr Rikku.

  7. I am really happy that you read this post and put an effort to drop wonderful comments. It meant lots for me. Tcr, guys. A wonderful day!

  8. I too met a few prominent bloggers on my way out, but too shy to greet them let alone talking/walking. :( I hope to really work on my shyness and talk to them one fine day. :)

    Its always a treat to read your blog Riku sir. Keep it coming.

    Have a great one ahead.


  9. Dear Rikku Bro,

    My apologies for not having found time to visit your blog and be the first one to read your post - your special post dedicated to me! I am all guilty feeling now! I take full responsibility, my fault, my wrong. But let me thank you a zillion times for the post. It is flattering to be the centre piece of your post.

    Back to where you began, yes, it surely was a great meeting of like-minded mind and character. The proverbial 'birds of same feather flock together' is a fitting adage here. Exchange of ideas, barter of experiences, sharing of ones life and livelihood; love for books, reading and writing - it was fun, a fun evening. Indeed a very memorable one. It in fact was a 'walk to remember.' Your blog has always pushed me on, stimulated me to keep writing. Your regular updates are an stimuli among many others. It was and is my source of inspiration. But of late, I must admit, I haven't been able to read as much blogs as I wanted to nor could I write anything!

    Once again thank you and thank you for he tea too :) and hope to bump into you again :)

    Kind regards,

  10. Sangay, thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I would love to meet you again and take another long walk, talking books, blogging and life's ideology. Keep reading and blogging. I would love to read more from you

  11. Dear Riku,
    Awesome writing and interesting read. Wishing to see you all soon. Keep posting!
    Kind regards.