Thursday, October 10, 2013

Changjiji Community Café

If you happen to come to Changjiji in Thimphu, I earnestly plead you to visit a café called Changjiji Community Café. It’s located at the Changjij Square, Block #51, right behind the Trowa Theatre. The Café is run by a group of four out-of-school youth to earn their own livelihood and serve their community.

It’s quite inspiring to know that when their friends were still looking for jobs in the civil service and other sectors, this group of youth has indulged into such an impressive entrepreneurship and creating gainful employment for themselves.
We are concerned about our youth, aren’t we? For we talk about them all time, about the youth unemployment, and mostly about youth taking up a blue-collar job.

So, here, you can see a group of youth doing exactly what you want them to do. Taking up a social enterprise. And I must say that without our support, they really can’t make it bigger.

I’m not begging you to donate for them (though their Café requires a proper showcase, furniture and kitchen utensils). But if you happen to come to Changjiji or want to eat burgers, pizzas and sandwich, please visit this place.

Who knows that this could be an enormous support for them. Perhaps it would give a push to their motivation and further strengthening their enterprise. And maybe other youth would take up similar initiative. 
By the way, the Cafe serves you delicious, affordable fast foods, sustainably sourced from local vendors and farmers. Moreover, their menu is small in order to ensure the freshest of ingredients and highest quality taste.

The Café is a youth-run social enterprise initiated by Bhutan Youth Development Fund (bhutanyouth.orgin partnership with UNICEF Bhutan and a private donor that employs and empowers out-of-school youth to serve their community.

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