Monday, April 14, 2014

My little world, my writing

I feel very lucky to have found a love of writing. Here, on my blog. Quite surprisingly, this writing has become part of me, my daily life. As I spend a huge block of my time on writing here, almost everyday.

But I’m one person who often writes about my own little life - my world, activities, philosophies, hopes, and dreams. Because I feel that all other things are being written amply by pens far mightier than mine.

I absolutely love to write about these itsy-bitsy activities of my life. They are so little, tiny, mundane, small, and na├»ve. Yet, they are part of me. All this together make me, this very self.   

I live a simple life with a handful of friends. And what I’ve owned and done in my life is little. I know that no one else would ever write my story. So I write it myself, with thanks, as ever to e-blog.  

My stories, blog posts, are mostly about my home, my heart, my family and friends, my village, writing, good books I read, walks, photography, and nature. For, they are what I focus on the most in my life. For, they are my creative muse too.

And each post I write, there’s still more to write. That’s the indisposition of my little world, my writing. Insatiable. Never-ending. Writing here helps me to explore what life is all about, and I’m always delighted in the discovery and contentment.

So much wrong happen each day. But writing is transformative, peaceful. As I sit for a small moment thinking and writing, it’s like I put pause from the routine and busyness of my life. Sometimes, I put down my feelings and thoughts to get answer in my writing. 
Above all, I write to remember, and to be remembered. Through writing, I intend to relive each moment of my life on these pages, briefly, though it’s only about small things.

It’s through this blog that I hope to live on for a few generations after I die. When my friends, family members and readers go through this blog, I live on. When they read my stories of the memories I’ve made, I live on. When they remember my name, I live on.

I am not sure that I could ever write in the future. I don’t know. I don’t know what pages of my life would unfurl for me. I don’t know, at all. But I know this…that I am writing here! 


  1. good... keep on writing... to be remembered... but y dont u write the uglier side of u too...

    1. I hope to, ha-ha, looking for the guts. Thanks for the comment though.

  2. As always, freshness is your writing is what I admire the most. Lovely post. Every post you write, inspire me little more and even more. In a way, you are living on in our hearts.
    Loved it very much.

    1. It feels super wonderful for me to know this from you, Monu. Thanks much. You also keep on writing.

  3. I feel i share some similarities with you in this regard. I find your blog a feel of peace in it, simplicity, freshness and an air of happiness in all of your blog. :)

    1. Good to know that you also feel same like the way I feel. I am so happy here. Have a wonderful day!

  4. You write well and I know there would be no time limit for you to write. As you keep one writing, it will only help you hone you skills. Good luck sir.

    1. It is, Dumcho. Consistent writing helps honing our writing skills. And more importantly, anyone can write, this is the beauty of writing. I hope you would spend rest of your time in Thailand with more vigour and excitement.

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  6. wonderful truly dedicated article!

  7. writing is a pleasure that can drive out the pain and bring a sort of peace to mind..Go on writing and stop not... Smiles Bro:)

  8. You love it and you are good at it, keep on going my friend.