Monday, May 26, 2014

Thai situation is improving

When I landed here in Thailand last Saturday, the authority of the capital was cleaning and clearing the litters of the protests at the downtown Bangkok. I was quite nervous of the political unrest in the country. I was even afraid to wear my red shirt. Moreover, the Thailand Stock Exchange has been falling everyday. The whole situation of the country was worrying.
However, as I stay here longer, I slowly understand the situation, more clearly. And I am happy, enjoying my stay here, trust me. Though the curfew begins from 10 pm to 5 am, everything runs as normal - businesses, public services, transportation and airlines. The movement in the country is not restricted as portrayed in the media.

The situation has become alright now. The locals and foreign travelers enjoy all freedom to walk around, do shopping and sightseeing. I observed that protests were well organized; it engaged only the protest groups and their members in the designated places.
As the Thai military junta Chief received royal endorsement as Chief of the National Council for Peace and Order, most Thai people are hopeful that the unrest could be solved. Moreover, they are showing support to military deployed to enforce martial law and maintain peace.

All the community leaders agreed to comply with order of the Chief to remove all signs of red shirts from public places. The leaders and members of different protest groups have been summoned and put under trials.  
The people of Thailand are wishing sincerely that the political unrest be settled soon. If so happened then the national election is going to happen very soon, possibly within next four months.       


  1. I have no plan to go there... but nevertheless, its good to hear about the improved condition....By the Rikku, Rima was bit worried about you mae...

    till then have a nice time. If u have money, shop like hell. ha ha.

  2. Ok. That's good. I have asked one of my friend in Bangkok who was coming to Australia to get me a charger from there. Unfortunately, he was restricted to go to town for safety reason.
    Well, I hope you went for a shopping spree :D