Thursday, September 4, 2014

Birthday celebration with words

This morning I got up at 7. The first thing that I did was I gladly thanked my God for this particular day and for having lived so long. After taking quick bath, I had my tea and breakfast. I put on my fresh gho and walked down office.  

Well, it’s beautiful sunny morning and the first fresh aroma of autumn was in the air. However, this walk was quite different that I felt myself smiling all along. As I walked, again, I contemplated on the day - today - the fourth of September.

It’s the day I was born in village of Chuzagang in Gelephu. Oh, I just can’t believe I’m 31 today and that I’ve already lived 30 plus years. Suddenly being 31 and how fast time flies has bothered me in a strange new way. It has kind of shaken me, feeling anxious than usual.

I was anxious because I’ve reached almost halfway to life; after all, it’s one life and there’s still so much to do and experience in life. Am I falling back in life? Have I experienced everything that life has to offer? Have I achieved enough? Did I live my life the way I always wanted? And where I’m heading to?

I asked these vast questions to myself as I walked to my office. Meanwhile, I watched around and saw some people walking in slow pace, others fast, and most were in hurry and driving fast. Immediately, I’ve lowered the pace of my walk; hopefully I could find answers. 

Sometimes, or most often, we need to take slow walk in life. For me, this slow walk helped me to enjoy the gift of a quiet time, to listen to the inklings of my heart and to realign my priorities.

Quite surprisingly, from last year I started to pull my beloved ones closer. I’ve always focused on my family and my friends, and my home. Also, I’ve equally emphasized on my blog and blogger friends, on my writing, and on the good books I read.

I know that I’m lagging behind in life in some aspects. I know that I haven’t yet experienced everything and I still have lots to do and achieve in life. But my beloved ones and this slowing down have helped me to put down all the questions and anxiousness buzzing in my head, and instead filled my life with more love and more intention.

Now, right now, as I sit in front of my computer and have just completed writing this post, I feel all blast and happy. By the way, I don’t celebrate my birthday with cake and party, but with words here on my blog.

And what a joy to participate in the Book Bucket Challenge on my birthday! I graciously thank Rupa Gurung, Dasho Lingi Jamtsho, Nawang Phuntsho, Sonam Tenzin and Langa Tenzin for nominating me in the challenge. So here’s a list 10 books that have hugely impacted my life and writing:

1. ‘Dear Seday’ - Ugyen Gyeltshen
2. ‘Then I saw her face’ – Nawang Phuntsho
3. ‘The Night Hunter’ – Lingi Jamtsho
4. ‘Angela’s Ashes’ – Frank McCourt
5. ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ – J D Salinger
6. ‘The Mill on the Floss’ – George Eliot
7. ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power’ – Ronda Byrne
8. ‘Life of Pi’ – Yann Martel
9. ‘The Kite Runner’ – Khaled Hosseini
10. ‘Norwegian Wood’ – Haruki Murakami


  1. Happy birth day sir! its nice to know about you as always and yea i will find time to read the books of your list for sure!...keep writing and inspiring us!

  2. Riku sir, many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday. May your life be filled with unflinching happiness and successes touch the heels of every endeavor you take. The list of books you read are all new to me. I have heard of few but didn't read. I would love to read someday. Thanks. You've a wonderful day.

  3. Happy birthday sir. May you become wiser with one year getting added onto your age. And may you be blessed with good health and prosperity in coming days!

  4. HBD Reku Sir, and wish you a happy and prosperous life ahead. You have tremendous ability to create gaiety among the people around you.

  5. Pl. read these too (my favourites) 1. Too kill a mocking bird. 2. Picture of Dorian Gray. 3. Uncle Tom's Cabin. 4. The Call of the Wild or the White Fangs. 5.Wuthering Heights. Let me know (here, in your blog) after you finish these and I'll give you the title of another five must-read books. Happy reading.“I read for pleasure and that is the moment I learn the most.”
    ― Margaret Atwood

  6. Happy Birthday sir! Wish you happy and prosperous life ahead and may god bless you always!!!

  7. Happy birthday Sir,
    May another year of your life will shower you with lots of success, happiness and everything that you wish for. Hope this new year will generate many posts on your blog, we early wait for. Keep writing :D
    Happy birthday once more and god bless you.

  8. Hi Rikku, I am sorry I could not post my comment yesterday because there were some problems with my browser. Anyway, wish you belated happy birthday and definitely this post reminds me of my own birthday coming soon. Nice reflection on your past, present and future. It's a great post.

  9. Birthday is a great time for reflection. Wishing you a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

  10. Happy belated Birthday, Riku sir. Buddha bless you and may your wishes come true.
    And thank you for taking up that bookbucketchallenge. :-)

  11. Thank you all - Tshewang Dorji, Sangay Phuntsho, Sherab Tenzin Dorji, Norbu Wangdi, Margaret Atwood, Sonam Yangzom, Tshering Chekii, amrithdiary, kchoden, Sonam Tenzin - your wonderful birthday wishes. I am feeling all blessed and happy here. Keep blogging and keep visiting here. Have a good day!