Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My village, through digital lens

I’m very happy to be back in my village Chuzagang in Gelephu. My goodness, it’s still hot here, extremely, during daytime. Yes, even in October. But that doesn’t mean this visit of mine is adverse. It’s really joyful.

After all, it’s my own village, the place where my parents live, the community where I was born and brought up. Being here means being reconnected to my footing and root; and as always, my heart revels in a sheer joy.       

However, I’ve decided to see this beautiful village of mine through different perspective, through my digital lens. This time too I took over thousand pictures of it; some posted on Instagram already. In fact, it’s a kind of photo journal of things I love to do.

Quite interestingly, through the lens, through the Instagram filters, I see my beloved village way beautiful and stunning. If you don’t believe me, have a look here:
Rice field
The Sunrise 
The Sunset


  1. those are beautiful pictures Riku. Nice photography.

  2. I am happy to see you visiting this site again and again and leaving comments. Gyembo, you really inspire me to write and shoot lots. Have a good time!

    1. I am glad you are happy to see me visiting your site, that is because I enjoy reading your posts. So you better keep writing and posting whenever there is time. And I also am sure all the bloggers do that because we all share the same passion of writing and sharing. Thank you and Best Wishes.

  3. Reku sir, I know Chusegang is one of the most beautiful and fertile valley of Bhutan.

  4. Norbu, it's very beautiful and fertile land and of course I am fortunate that I was born there. Thank you.

  5. indeed sir, your village is beautiful and no wonder your hands made it a lot better to see through the lens. nice clicks sir!!!

  6. Beautiful pictures. I've planned to visit Bhutan for years but for one reason or the other it's not happened yet.

  7. As usual....bravo pics sir...😊

    I am thimphu sir, I will give you a surprise visit anytime....hope I encounter you in your office all day, any

  8. It's a wonderful read. I know the natural scenery in villages at this time of year will be very lively and musical. Thanks for sharing your experiences of rustic life during your short break from office during Dashain.