Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The New Year’s proposal

Yesterday evening I had a date. I believe I can call it a date; at least on my part. Believe me, for there isn’t any better way to name it. Maybe – just maybe – it’d be called as a blind date.
“So tomorrow’s the New Year’s Eve. Any plans?” she started conversation as soon as I returned after placing our order at the counter.

I responded, “Don’t have any plans; just being grateful for the wonderful year 2014. But I’m excited and look forward to embracing, living each day of the New Year.” 

It was a small restaurant with cozy and intimate ambience. As I pulled out my chair and sat in front her, a mojo of feelings ran through me. Nervousness too. Yes, we were meeting for the first time, but I’m still not sure it’s a date. To tell you that she was fair and slim; and has a shy manner, a gentle voice.  

Looking straight at me, she smiled expansively and reaffirmed, “So your name is Riku Dhan Subba?”

I nodded and then I pulled my jacket tighter because it’s was very cold.

“I thought it’s your nickname,” she ran her fingers over her phone and burst into a laugh.

“Everybody thinks like that,” I laughed with her.

Meanwhile, the order arrived on our table. Coffee and some snacks.

As we sipped coffee, I continued, “Because my name is very strange. Actually my late grandpa gave me this name. And nobody knows its real meaning, not even my parents.”  

“That’s strange. I wonder you are as strange as your name,” she inquired quickly, this time rubbing a bit more.

“I think I am,” I answered.

After a moment, I joked laughing again, “Of all, I feel that I am extraordinary. For my name is extraordinary. Joke aside, I still wonder from where my grandpa got this name and why he chose the name for me.”  

Inside, the sound system came into life and the COLDPLAY sang a live version of “A sky full of stars”. A warm, intimate mood took hold of me as the song enfolded the room, as two of us talked into the gentle evening.    

“So how have you spent 2014?” I asked my date - I called her date for the lack of better word.

She took a moment to think about it. She summed it “a difficult year” but instantaneously justified, “Life isn’t fair, you know, but it’s still good”. Then we talked a great deal about life’s struggling and miracle and together agreed “the more we praise and celebrate our life the happier we become”.

Quite typically, we jumped into talking our New Year’s resolutions.

“I have three: to study abroad, write a book and get married. I would be happy if I could fulfill even one of these,” I stated.

As soon as I stated my resolutions, oh goodness, I started sweating hard. For my resolutions are not at all easy. All entail a lot of perseverance and hard work; most importantly, the luck.   

She expressed a big surprise; however, consoled me, “It’s always good to have the resolutions even they may be too ambitious at times. I wish you all the lucks.”

I thanked her.
We cleared our bills and slowly walked out of the restaurant. It was unusually cold outside, the air blew deep chill and the mountaintops were blanketed in snows.

I turned back to her and declared, “I am considering proposing you one fine day. I like you.” 

In fact, I meant it, more than I could tell her.

She smiled radiantly at me and answered, blushing, “Oh I look forward to that fine day.”


  1. Good luck mr, Riku ! and happy new year 2015, hoping to read more of your write ups.....! It's always delightful to go through your blogs........ am sure to follow you in here, 2015 year round...... / and thanks for wonderful writings.

    1. As always, thank you Samten Sir for dropping in here and leaving this beautiful comment. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy new year Riku sir, it always nice going through your post, keep sharing and best of luck for three resolutions of the year.

    1. Thank you Tshewang! I hope you would also keep writing and inspiring me. Have a wonderful year ahead!

  3. Wish you all the best Daju. I always feel pleasured to read your articles and this is very honest. Its nice to read you actually. Hope to read more of it. Happy new year in advance.

    1. I am so very happy to know it from you, Ashika. It feels great when someone says he/she likes what I write. Thank you, and happy New Year!

  4. As always, it's a nice read. You are very lucky to have such gorgeous dates often. I hope she could fulfill at least your 3rd resolution. hahaha. Anyway, all my wishes and prayers are for your success. Good luck and happy new year.

  5. Hahah..finally...hope to see your third resolution being fulfilled first!!...

  6. Happy New Year dear sir :) I wish you happiness without end. May 2015 bring in endless success and prosperity. Have a wonderful year ahead. Take Care!

  7. Oh so romantic. It's definitely a date :)
    Wish you all the best from my side and well, it's good to have resolutions.
    Mine was drink smoothies once a week. Haha.