Wednesday, February 18, 2015

KFC in Bhutan

So far, I’ve visited almost all the restaurants that sell fried chicken in Thimphu City. Quite surprisingly, I discovered four – two in the core town, one each in Changangkha and Motithang. But I am sure there are many more. 
We know that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) hasn’t yet made into Bhutan, but we can see it emerging in different forms and names. Shyam Fried Chicken (SFC). Karma Fried Chicken (KFC). Changangkha Fried Chicken (CFC). Motithang Fried Chicken (MFC).
These restaurants are already hugely popular among the KFC lovers. Besides fried chicken, they too serve you other KFC products like chicken burgers, French fries, soft drinks and breakfast (fried rice). They got almost everything that of KFC; its flavourings and taste remotely similar.
Above all, it is becoming increasingly popular even in other dzongkhags.
A Happy Losar, dear reader!


  1. A well-studied post, Riks. Although KFC does not stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken in Bhutan, I have a concern that it shares the same abbreviation as that of the internationally established company. It looks as though Karma Fried Chicken is trying to lure the customers by using the same abbreviation of the brand name KFC. So don't u think the original KFC company has the right to sue our local KFC? Just my opinion. Anyway, happy Losar to all those who celebrate it... and Riks, safe journey to your hometown....

  2. Hmmm, I hope people don't eat food outside too much. The western world are having problems with obesity because of one reason being "Eating Fast Food" However, we can treat to such meal occasionally :)

    Oh and this thought just crossed my mind. We claim Bhutan is a Buddhist country and we are Buddhist, and in Buddhism, killing animal is Sin. Brrrrrrr! The absurdity of life.

  3. This is what makes us hypocritical Buddhists. In fact, we contribute to torturing and killing of more animals during holy months when we r supposed to practise more compassion in the name of God....Great Rinpoches r vegetarians including our HH Je Khenpo, yet we as their followers r Buddhists only in principle... So sad... I had found somewhere that if only everybody is required to kill animals for our own meals, we would b more practical Buddhists... and I think it's true... Anyway, no hard feelings to anybody... Everybody has the right to opinion and this is what I feel. xoxo