Monday, February 2, 2015

The dark’s light

It wasn’t a perfect evening, if I say so. My mood wasn’t perfect too. So I retreated to my room, shut the door and sat looking out from the window. I wasn’t looking anywhere particularly; I wasn’t thinking about anything. 
Outside, the rain was falling silently. Cold evening, it was. And the dark clouds covered the entire valley of Thimphu. The January rain is pretty bizarre as I could catch a glint of meanness and cruelty in it.

As I stared outside, my mind started bouncing from one thought to another, one problem to another. So automatically. Then my heart raced abnormally. I felt it, I heard it. Too loud. Too much. I was left shaken, anxious.

Meanwhile, in the room, I picked up my phone and logged in to my Instagram and Facebook account. To calm down my racing heart, probably. I randomly liked and commented on some of my friends’ pictures and statuses.

Simply put, this year’s January has been the roughest ride of my life. Unending hurdles encountered, both personal and career. It was never stopping and clearing away exactly like the cruel dark rain and clouds outside. I got muddled, I slogged, and I stumbled.

However, I kept scrolling up and down my phone’s screen when my attention suddenly stopped at a Facebook status. It reads,  
I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.

I scrolled up to see the writer; it’s Yeshey Lhamo. I hardly knew her; however, she too studied at Sherubtse. Quite wondrously, her words soothed my heart. The power of the words, the wisdoms expressed, the inspiration inspired so instantly cleansed my cold dark thoughts.
Immediately, I stood up and looked up as wide-eyed at the sky. I was, indeed, quite surprised to see the clear sky; I wondered where the rain and clouds disappeared so quickly. And deep in the sky, I caught a handful of stars blinking mesmerizingly.

Then, a realization struck me - all true and insightful - without the darkness I could never see those stars. It’s meant to be like that - you like it or not. Similarly, without experiencing hurdles and dark thoughts, I could never understand and see the bright side of my mind. Joy. Happiness. 

Today, right now, as I write this post the vast saying buzzes so beautifully in my head, my heart. I can see that I feel better and peaceful. As the adverse weather does, the difficult period of my life has just passed. 
Of darkness, of light
People touch our lives; a few words impact the way we take on our life. Sometimes they don’t know just how much they do, or why.  


  1. After many days you updated your blog. But worth waiting. Beautiful post as always. And happy to know that you came out of the darkness. Sorry to know that you had to face many obstacles.
    Keep posting. Keep inspiring us.

    1. Yes, indeed, Monu, that's part of life and thank you so much for the lovely words you dropped here. As always, keep yourself highly motivated and inspired and continue writing.

  2. Wow, a nice read as usual. I had been waiting for your update. U had gone silent since 12th Jan but now it's good to read your article once again. I am sorry to know that January had been a rough ride for u but the good thing is that it's now over. I hope February would return your usual happiness and joy. Keep capitalizing on the brighter side of your life as u have written and u will be fine. Keep writing and keep inspiring us. Have a good day and take care, Riks.

  3. Being alone with just our thoughts sometimes make us a miserable person as those thoughts eat away at us.
    January may have been the roughest but I hope the rest of the months treats you good. Glad to know that you found peace again. And that line is indeed very soothing. Take care.

  4. as always you describe them beautifully.