Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Being home, orchid bloom

I have visited my village again particularly to spend some time with my parents. By the way, this is my third visit of the year. The roads are bad due to the monsoon rain and heat is unbearable in Gelephu. But my heart is there in my village with my parents. So I visit them often.  

To tell you, each visit is uniquely different experience for me always filling with happiness and joy. Being with our own parents in our own home is simply the greatest feelings and of course is priceless.

Besides, every time I visit my home, my small village has something magnificence to offer me. This visit too it surprised me with beautiful bloom of orchids that my parents have planted in front of our house. The pictures here:


  1. Such a beautiful orchid I have ever seen in my life. And the bees buzzing aoroundthe sepals.

    1. Thank you Norbu for the comment. Have a wonderful weekend!