Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Remembering the bloggers' first conference

Enough was written about the first bloggers conference held in Thimphu last Sunday. The Kuensel and BBS covered the event at length. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs, everywhere it appeared, commented and discussed. Oh goodness, the Bhutanese bloggers and Community of Bhutanese Bloggers (CBB) has become a new sensation; it created ripple effect never like before.
This post is no different from what was already written and discussed; still then, here on my blog, I want to write about the conference to remember it. The conference was special to me in three different ways. Firstly, PaSsu put my blog for CBB App launch (truly honoured); secondly, it was the first conference; and thirdly, I was the first speaker of the conference.

That’s what… being a speaker makes you proud, but being the first speaker made me nervous. Because the bloggers conference was completely new creation in Bhutan; I never saw and heard it before. In the past, during the Bloggers’ Meets, we used to gather for dinners and chat, drink and shout shit. That’s all.

When the bloggers community has stepped on a huge stride, its ripple effect is already spreading all over inspiring more people to write or do blogging. And to those who are already blogging has been come with a much bigger responsibility – to keep on blogging and showing the right path.    

Best dressed group (black), eh
When Nawang, one of the organizers, asked me about it, I readily accepted because rural roots or my village is very close to me. That’s why I frequently visit Chuzagang and also started a small initiative called “My Village, My Responsibility” to give back to my community.

I kept my presentation very simple (after seeking help from Nawang) as I was supposed to talk on importance of rural roots. It was nervy one, but I felt glad when my fellow-bloggers told me they liked it. Quite surprisingly, they remember my talk for my father’s radio and the tree where I was born. I didn’t know, seriously, these two things would stir such laughter among my bloggers audience.  

Above all, I loved Dasho Sangay Khandu’s talk on Parliament of Bhutan; it was very insightful and helpful for me. Blogger Ugyen Lhendup is a statistician and his talk on Dynamics of Poverty and Inequality was equally helpful to understand about Bhutan’s progress in elevating poverty.
Ugyen Lhendup
Blogger Tshering Dolkar was very inspiring to listen to. She talked on Writing: A journey, and I specifically liked when she read out her poems in different styles (very talented lecturer though).

But I will remember the first bloggers conference for two important reasons: 1) Arrival of Chief Guest (projector); 2) Grumbling stomachs and Nawang’s joke on “building shaking”.      
After the event, I forgot to thank the organizers due to my dispirited stomach; however, I say thank you CBB Committee members for organizing the event. You all put up a great show. A small correction for Kuensel, I am not only person from Chuzagang with university graduate.  


  1. It sound great sir...hoping for the similar kinds of advertisement for our bloggers...

  2. Loved your presentation esp the tree and the radio captivated me immensely :)