Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Today I am uploading some photographs; for the first time where I being the subject. Being myself with the camera often, hardly do I get chance to be photographed. However, these pictures say a lot - that I loved being with another photographer - especially while travelling. A few pictures are different, as my colleague who is the photographer and blogger, Tashi Penjor, tried to portray his specialized skill of shadow images. Having photographed myself here, made me a little thoughtful and contemplating about the path ahead of me.
Pemagatshel gate
Mao Khola
Mao Khola and the sunset


  1. You looked so dashingly macho in the shots!
    That Mao Khola and sunset photo is so beautiful like a Buddha with Golden Aura radiating out.

    Warm greetings from Malaysia.

  2. I am sure you will have so many beautiful experiences and stories associated with those photographs taken during your recent in-country tour. I look forward to reading them here on your blog soon. It has been quite sometime since you have updated us last... LOL! Thanks for sharing the photos anyway.