Monday, October 24, 2011

Remembering her in my own words

You are wrong if you have this presumption that our local celebrities cannot do anything other than acting. But let me tell you what Tandin Bidha, a beautiful and talented local film actor did very recently would surprise you. 
                                                      Pic: Patients guest house  
Tandin Bidha visited the Patient Guest House at JDWNRH with Tashi Namgay, the founder of Bhutan Kidney Association (BKA) in recent month. About 33 patients, mostly kidney failure patients who are under dialysis, are sheltered in the guest house in a catastrophic condition. They are poor, homeless, orphans, without relatives  and no good food to eat. More sad to know that they are depressed, dispossessed and merely waiting for the end (death) in a lamentable display.  Each new day is one more day they win. These patients suffer every day without any means of escapism or outside interventions. 
                           Pic: Patients of the guest house with Tashi Namgay (4th from right)
Mind you, when they continue suffering and die we will be the ones who are guilty for not having done all in our power to love and protect them.
However, Tandin Bidha’s arrival has brought obvious instant renewed mood of optimism to these patients. She hugged each one of them, shared love and exchanged encouraging words and smiles. Also, she encouraged them to stay strong mentally and physically by taking medicines and meals regularly.
                                         Pic: Tandin counseling a patient 

A young girl, student of Rinchen HSS has been attending  to her mother whose both kidneys failed and is under dialysis at JDWNRH. This young girl has borrowed Nu 1,500 from her uncle to meet her schooling expenses and buy foods for her sick mother. She broke down in front of Tandin, "How am I going to pay back that huge money?" Tandin Bidha couldn't hold onto this tragic incident and altruistically placed Nu 2,000 in her hands. Tandin’s gracious action instantly brought an avalanche of smiles and relief in them.  She is one of those rare souls who aspires for no honour and politicking in her film promotions. She did this all at the request of Tashi Namgay.
                                          Pic: Tandin with the std of RHSS

Actually I can never muster the right words to convey what she did. But as a member of the BKA and for the good she has done, the joy she has spread and the love and compassion she has shown to the people living in wretchedness, we place on her highest honour and pray for her and person like her who try to love and serve the poor. 

Pic: With the youngest kidney patient in Bhutan

  Pic: Sharing photo with a patient
Note: Bhutan Kidney Association, a non-governmental public benefit organization, is still under registration process with the Civil Society Organizations Authority. Once certified, with its very committed members,  we shall establish office and begin raising funds and facilitate financial support for kidney patients. The association shall also support and improve health conditions of all kidney patients in Bhutan through comprehensive promotion, prevention and curative measures and necessary counseling. Today there are over 78 kidney patients in Bhutan.


  1. I am out of words too. But so nice of her to do the donation to the patients. Wish there were thousands of people do such deeds and people to recover from any type of crisis. God Bless All!

  2. Wonderful post, sir. Hats off to Tandin Bidha and her deeds shall be looked upon as an example in days to come by all the people alike. God bless the patients. Very disheartening to learn about them.

  3. one hack of a thought provoking post sir!...m simply touched....keep posting...

  4. Thats so kind of her. Thanks for sharing this insightful post, sir. Hope we will have more celebrities working for charity.

  5. WOnderful...really really proud of her...thumbs..Up..and thank you for sharing this story

  6. Tandin showed the way. Hope others will follow suit. Kudos to her for showing the way and Riku, you have done good too by sharing this.

  7. well that was really kind of her...well hope some more follow her footsteps...:).sir nic post again..

  8. Nice one dada.... Your blog is grt... dint know u maintain a blog until i read ur article in bhutan times... keep posting...:)

  9. as beautiful as she is physically, she is beautiful internally too...very nice of her..this is the real beauty for me..

  10. our beautiful actress with a even more beautiful soul :)