Sunday, May 17, 2015


I took some pictures on my journey to Gelephu from Thimphu in the recent time. I feel that they are worth sharing here with you. Have a wonderful day!
Breakfast stop, between Dochula and Thinleygang
Road worker and her child
Mekhu sellers at Metsina
Wakhley Taar, Tsirang
Kami Chu, Tsirang
Fruit stall, Tsirang
Tsirang Town
Sarpang bazaar-razed down to ashes

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

PaSsu and his Knight

At a road widening site, between Lobesa and Wangdue, the bus stopped suddenly. After inquiring a site supervisor, the bus driver announced, “The traffic will open after one hour.” By the way, I was travelling to Gelephu to visit my parents in the village.
Other passengers apparently turned restless and frustrated, but I merrily sprinted out of the bus. Often I have been travelling via Wangdue but I didn’t really spend a good time here. Each time I travelled from this place, I tend to look at Bajothang particularly the High School.

“Oh, this is the place where our blogger friend, PaSsu, live,” I used to think about the Bhutan’s most popular blogger, feeling elated and happy.   
So this was a perfect opportunity for me to explore the place where Passang Tshering had worked and written most of his blog stories, at least for an hour. 

The story of this place has been sufficiently written by PaSsu and if anything I read and know about it, then it would be from this teacher’s blog.

Well, he is someone who always has something to say and I haven’t missed his single post. Besides his bold and fearless stories, I love his witty and credible word building.  

But do I really need to say it?  

However, incapable of writing forward, I always go through his site and get inspired. If PaSsu had quit blogging, then I would have stopped writing long time back. He is the one person who drags me on to continue blogging.   
Well, in all my time there, this place appeared so familiar to me. Every corner, every nook and cranny evoked fresh memories. I knew this place well, it seemed to me. Bajo School and Town, Buddha’s face and many more.

Meanwhile, my mind bounced on his most popular and viral post Letter to Khaw BoonWan and then to other significant posts Say No to Sex on Camera and Jigme's surprise morning speech.  

At the end, I was engulfed by emptiness looking at Bajothang. The place suddenly appeared empty. For he has left the place, for bigger venture, for Paro. I felt sad.
The traffic reopened and we got back in the bus. But I kept on looking at Bajothang. 

Amidst the heat and dust there, however, a fond feeling embraced me when I suddenly remembered another blogger of Bajo who has been hugely inspired by PaSsu. Dawa Knight.  

As the bus drove away along the enchanting Punatshangchu, I marveled at my own feeling that this young engineer could fill the emptiness of my heart left behind by PaSsu. I simply hoped to read a lot of stories about Bajo from Dawa.   

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Being home, orchid bloom

I have visited my village again particularly to spend some time with my parents. By the way, this is my third visit of the year. The roads are bad due to the monsoon rain and heat is unbearable in Gelephu. But my heart is there in my village with my parents. So I visit them often.  

To tell you, each visit is uniquely different experience for me always filling with happiness and joy. Being with our own parents in our own home is simply the greatest feelings and of course is priceless.

Besides, every time I visit my home, my small village has something magnificence to offer me. This visit too it surprised me with beautiful bloom of orchids that my parents have planted in front of our house. The pictures here:

Saturday, May 2, 2015

“Thank you Bhutan”

Yesterday night, I was chatting with a Nepali friend on Facebook. This was our first contact after his country was hit by the deadly earthquake on April 25 which killed over 6,600 people. However, I was quite happy to find him and other friends safe in Nepal.       

“I could just manage everything again after the disaster,” he answered me. Meanwhile, he went on sharing the news of the disaster in his country: about 10 millions people affected; 60 thousands houses collapsed. All the affected people were homeless and they were facing shortage of foods, water and shelter.

I expressed my concern for him and all the affected people of our neighboring country (over 28 millions population) and told him that Bhutan too experienced the quake on April 25.

“Oh quake again!!!” he wrote.

I asked him, worried, “When?”

“Just now! So scary all time,” he replied, apparently panicked.

Concerned, I told him to stay alert and safe. He informed me that Nepal has experienced almost 700 hits of tremors in the last six days and the people were living outside in the open.  

Then I informed him that a relief team comprising of 63 Bhutanese personnel are there in Nepal helping the survivors of the disaster as commanded by our King. Also, I informed him that Bhutan has been planning to send some more support.  

The Nepali friend told me that he saw the Bhutanese relief team (in orange uniform) in Nepal. “They are doing great,” he said adding, “We are very grateful.”

“Thank you Bhutan,” he expressed his gratitude.

I was immensely touched by his words. I felt proud too.

Besides I am so happy to know that Bhutan is the first country to personally handover the financial assistance to the Nepalese government. More importantly, our Prime Minister himself led the relief team to Nepal.  

I salute all the Drukpas in orange uniform in Nepal!

Photos: Bhutan4Nepal