Friday, February 12, 2016

Youth Engagement Programme in Chuzagang

I have initiated a humble programme called “My village, my responsibility” since 2014 at my village. Through this programme, I wanted to give back to the community that I was born and being raised. For, I believed that my village, Chuzagang had given me so much - my root, sense of belonging, identity, and education.       
My initial plan was to visit the village once a year - at least - and organize meaningful programmes for the development of community. In 2014, with the help of READ Bhutan, CAFCO and two volunteers, I organized a Children Programme, where 46 children attended it. 

This year, on February 6, 7 and 8, I have organized Youth Engagement Programme at Chuzagang READ Centre for the READ Bhutan. A total of 98 youth and children have participated in the educational programme.

The main objectives of the programme are: 1) To create awareness on importance of education by providing skills and information; 2) To encourage reading habit and creative arts; and 3) To engage the youth of Chuzagang productively during their school vacation.

I am glad to say that this year I had received more support. The READ Bhutan funded the entire programme. Ms. Yamuna Rai, the owner of Yiga Radio (who is also from Chuzagang) had supported me in planning and implementation of the programme from the beginning.

Also, Ngawang Palden, Roshni and Sejhal helped in facilitating the reading and art classes. The Book World, a bookstore in Thimphu, donated 80 library books.

As always, Kinzang Dorji, a CAFCO staff spearheaded the coordination of programme in Chuzagang by informing the participants, arranging refreshment and guests. Without his support, the programme wouldn’t have happened at all.  

As expected, the participants thoroughly enjoyed the programme and they learned many knowledge and skills besides having fun and making new friends. Some pictures of the programme here:

1. Reading Class


2. Art class: At the end, a art competition was conducted on the theme “The blue world, for whom?” The winners were awarded prizes contributed by Yamuna Rai. Selected entries will be sent to the 17th International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest in Japan.

3. Writing journal: Each participant of the programme was supposed to maintain a daily journal during the programme to encourage writing habit among the participants. They wrote down all the activities of the day and lessons learned in their journals. During the closing, prizes were awarded to the best two journals.  

Closing of the programme: The Country Director of READ Bhutan graced the closing programme.