Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bhutanese Bloggers' Meet

I want to share about this particular meeting, here, right now. This is a sort of minutes to other bloggers who couldn’t make in the last Bloggers’ Meet. Last Monday. In Thimphu. I know you guys would certainly envy us. Regret, too, for not turning up in the Meet.

I say that we enjoyed like “hell”, “crazy” (in the participating bloggers’ own words). The scheduled time of the Meet was inconsiderably forgotten, and we stayed there until midnight. We were nine, including two Singaporean bloggers: Ms. Rima ( JJ ( As they loved Bhutan very much, so were they here, with us.         

Our idea of this Bloggers’ Meet was just simple – just to meet and spend our time together. So we began our gathering from 7 in the evening. However, we waited for some more bloggers to come. Even we phoned them. But that’s it - only nine of us.

As we seated for the Meet, I was quite surprised to see bottles of liquor being pulled out from the bloggers’ bags and placed on the table, one after another. Whiskey. Wine. Arra. Ya lama! Some have brought snacks (bhujia and corn chips).

But blogger Kunzang Thinley brought us apples that he bought on the way from Paro. He made to this Meet, all the way from Paro. We were impressed. By the way, his apples were very delicious. But don’t ask Mr. Passu and Aue Tshering Dorji, for they loved biting more on whiskey.     
The Meet started so informally. Passu spearheaded the conversation, for he is the champion of Bhutanese bloggers. Indeed, we needed no introduction. As we sipped on liquor, we talked about our blogs, our writings, our family, and our works. We shared our aspirations, genuine admirations for each other. Moreover, we exchanged our imperishable passion for blogging, writing.

I felt so proud. After all, I was in the company of the very best bloggers and writers of Bhutan. The bloggers and writers who recognized the value and power of writing blogs and books, and who worked hard to bring change through writing. And talking to them was a unique experience for me.
In the meantime, we sat around the bonfire. Still sipping on whiskey, wine and arra. Still chatting. But this time, our conversation becoming more louder, more straight, more confronting, more informal. Because it’s not only the fire that was burning outside, but inside of us too, heated by the liquor. Also blended by another passion fire - our passion for blogging.     

Above all, it’s the ideas and wisdoms that we shared, and the inspiration inspired by the conversation during the Meet that hugely heartened us. This luxuriously long meeting really stirred our passion for blogging even more. 

Thank you all!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

On becoming 30

Today, it’s a beautiful day out here. By the way, I’m here in Nepal for a business trip. The place, people and hospitality here are all just incredible and so impressive. But dear friends, allow me to share a small talk here about this day. Today. Because September 4 is so so important day of my life.

Ah, you guessed it right. It’s the day I was born. And how wonderful it’s to sit here, in a new place, and put my birthday thoughts into words like this to you.

However, this year’s birthday of mine is significantly special for me. For two different reasons. Firstly, this is the first time I’m celebrating my birthday outside Bhutan. Secondly, today, right now, I’ve turned 30. Oh my god, 30 years old!

To tell you honestly, I feel that it’s quite stupid being 30. For, I’m just not ready. It feels weird. Like somebody’s pushing me from behind, he-he. There’s still a child-like nature and curiosity inside me.     

But I can accept it with mingled feelings. After all, it’s only age - just a number that adds up automatically after each passing year. Isn’t it?

That’s what I prefer to think about it, at least for now.

“Dear Riku, you are a man now,” a beloved friend of mine messaged me this morning. And I would like to believe that I’ve become “a man”.

However, I don’t know anything about becoming “a man” now. I can certainly say that I’m privileged to have been still living and moving on with my life. Every single day I get snappy and short and frustrated and aggravated with my life. Yet I can sense that now my life is more rooted, become more firm. It buoys me.      

So, today, as I step into 30s, I wish to become wiser. And realign my life’s sojourn, live a happier life. Because the wisdom comes only with age, right? I’m not a wise person though. But I dare say that I’m getting there, a little at a time.   

I say a heartfelt thank you to all those who wished me on this year’s birthday. A wonderful day, dear friends!