About Me

My name is Riku Dhan Subba and I am from Chuzagang, Gelephu. Today I live at Motithang in Thimphu with my wife. I grew up in the Southern Bhutan in a small village called Chuzagang. Like many Bhutanese children (of those time), I also grew up helping my parents working in the farms.
With my wife
When Bhutan faced a difficult time in 1990 due to anti-national problems, almost everything in our village was demolished by the protesters including our own home. Moreover, our family was under constant threat. 

In the same year, we moved to Tingtibi in Zhemgang and took refuge there until 1994. It was in this place where I was first enrolled in the school.

After the five difficult years in Tingtibi, we returned to our village. The political situation had improved and most schools were reopened in the Southern Bhutan. So I continued my education in Norbuling.

A decade later, Chuzagang resurrected into a peaceful and prosperous village, all thanks to His Majesty the Fourth and Fifth King.

A brief history of the schools and college I attended as follow:

1) Tingtibi Primary School, Class PP-2 (1993-1994)
2) Norbuling Primary School, Class 3-6 (1995-1998)
3) Yebilaptsa MSS, Class 7-8 (1999-2000)
4) Jakar HSS, Class 9-12 (2001-2004) 
5) Sherubtse College, English Honours (2005-2007) 
My father married two wives (my mothers). We are, altogether, 11 siblings and I am from the step mother. Today all are married and we live in different parts of the country. My parents live in the village and they practise traditional farming as their livelihood.

I joined Bhutan Observer, a private newspaper, in 2008. It was my first career and I worked as a bureau correspondent from Gelephu. After one year, I resigned from it and in 2010 I joined the Department of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education. Since December 2015, I have been working at Department of Information and Media, Ministry of Information and Communications in Thimphu.

Besides writing here, I have contributed and published many stories in the newspapers and magazines. I had been a columnist of Bhutan Times.


  1. great going! Love that last line....

    1. Thank you, Gyembo! You too keep writing and inspiring me.