Wednesday, January 11, 2023

A Must-visit Place in Damphu

The footpath along the highway between Damphu town and Damphu High School is a must-visit place in Tsirang. It’s serene, surreal, and hypnotizing for me.

A few weeks ago, when I was traveling back from Gelephu to Thimphu, I took a walk on the footpath, which meanders into deep woods and shimmers with sunlight—forgetting that I still had a half-a-day more to travel back to Thimphu. Quite wondrously, it gave me an ecstatic feeling mixed with an ounce of eerie, gothic elements as if like I was going to meet some sorcerers or dinosaurs. 

Damphu footpath and highway

Unfortunately, I didn't come across any of those beings; it was in my head only. But the feeling was just great. In a way, it's a lot magical, and I felt like staying there a little longer, appreciating everything about it, listening to chirping birds and writing some poems.
People walking on the Damphu footpath