Friday, September 28, 2012

A thing of beauty!

I arrived at the Save the Children Program Office, Thimphu for Go Youth Go (GyG) Organizational Development Workshop 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Wow…30 minutes before the scheduled time! Moreover, it’s one Saturday morning; indeed, one day in week that I’d be snoring till noon. Usually, I’m one person, civil servant who reaches his office not before 10 am and avoids attending meetings, seminars and workshops with all kinds of excuses.

The rain hadn’t stopped, then, since a couple of days before. It’s still really beating down, so heavily. And this kind of rain, excessive showering, does feed to our mind. Not only hindrances our works, but also makes our mind gloomy and makes us sick-literally.   

The SCF office’s caretaker offered a coffee for me. And I nestled on a wooden bench, sipping a fantastic cup of coffee. Watching the rain falling on the ground, and listening to its light pitter-patter sound. Ah, I love the sound of rain.

There, right there, I spotted this beauty, this gorgeous bellflower. It was dancing gracefully, gently, like a bell in a monastery, droplets of rain falling on it. I stood, mesmerized, witnessing its beauty, the way round dew-shaped rain forming on its petals and slowly dropping on the ground.

And I bent and tipped forward, taking out my camera, and clicked a shot. I checked it in digital lens, instantaneously. Oho! I couldn’t believe that I took this picture. The photographer in me had blossomed to the fullest. He-he, no, no, it’s the object of this naïve artist. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Chasing rainbows

The afternoon was nearing its end. And I’ve sat in my office, all day, not doing much work. Outside, east of Thimphu, the sky was painted in heavy colours of grey and leaking rain. But quite miraculously, the Sun, atop the west horizon, kept sparkling tantalizingly over Thimphu valley.

In a while, the rain started heavily beating down on Thimphu valley. Another wonder, it was. Sunshine, raining-all at once. It’s unlikely an autumn day though.

And over the rooftop of my office, I heard a young voice call out, “Hey, hey, look, there’s a rainbow!” Instantaneously, I barged out blindly, not caring where my feet fell. And I stumbled out, he-he.

Voila! Over the Thimphu City, a full rainbow was stretching, spectacular arch in shape like a bridge between heaven and earth. It’s sparkling beautiful, stunningly mesmeric. And monstrous in size. What a surprise in this year’s autumn welcome! I was excited, all happy.

Also, other people were lining up to witness the magical beauty in the sky that was spread out above us. Our calls of wonder were of “Oh My God!” and cries of “It’s adorable rainbow!”

A minute later, ah, another huge rainbow appeared right above it. Together, they started growing bigger, brighter, clearer, glorious. And the seven different colours emerged so vivid, striking. For a minute or two (I don’t know exactly how long), I stood there, awed, in sincere amazement. Viewing…feeling the presence of the wonder before me that existed beyond my logic.
Then, furiously, I fought my way past the rain taking pictures of this overwhelming beauty. I knew that pictures would never be taken again-not precisely, not ever. But, oh thank god, I took many furtive shots.  

Well, the downpour has stopped. The clouds cleared and the Sun started sparkling hard on us again. And I stood there, seeing the magical rainbows vanishing into the thin air. Oh, it’s almost painful to see it disappeared. The magic moment ended, so abruptly.

And I returned to my office, obviously, mourning at what was lost. But quite surprisingly, that beauty and magic of rainbows stood, reverberating, deep inside me. The rainbow, its beauty and colours, were mirrored in me, in my heart. Yes! Now, what the nature was whispering to me through the rainbows became more evident.

Listen la, I’ll tell you this. When I was young, I heard from my adults and learned from fairytales about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Still, today, I can remember running over the rice fields back in my village as a child trying to catch the end of the rainbow, always hoping that this time…this time I would find the pot of gold. And this belief had stayed with me for this many years-always chasing rainbows and never quite finding the pot of gold.

Only today, I realized and understood that the pot of gold or rainbow is within me. Rainbows, as symbol, only reminded us to look up and see the beauty and treasure which, in fact, is always within us. It shows that we can bloom and express our colours-our skills and talents that was inside of us all along-to harness the treasure, the pot of gold.

Dear readers, a wonderful holiday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of pleasure, purity and simplicity

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to pick my camera. I limped around my office, running randomly, not knowing where my feet fell. Stumbling a few times, he-he. But I ran clicking pictures of flowers, that’s unassumingly beautiful and irresistible. Photography is pleasure, pure and simple. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Educating with heart

Early Learning Centre (ELC), a private elementary school in Thimphu, is doing something extraordinary-more than just providing academic learning. With its vision, Educating for universal happiness, this school has instituted a project called citizenship programme. Under this programme, ELC engages students in social activities. This, according to the school management, “is to civilize……educating with the heart!”
Recently, ELC has donated Nu 50,000 to Bhutan Kidney Foundation (BKF) in its attempt to collaborate with the Foundation to propagate and strengthen its citizenship programme. They proclaimed, “It's NOT charity but a social responsibility.”
Later, ELC students visit the Patient’s Guest House, JDWNRH, where 28 patients, mostly kidney failure patients who are under dialysis are sheltered. These patients are poor, homeless, orphans, without relatives in Thimphu and no good foods to eat. This visit was to make children have a direct personal connection with the beneficiaries of the citizenship programme/poor patients. The students talked to the patients, shared love, exchanged encouraging words and smiles, and contributed gifts and grocery to them.
This school’s visit has not only brought renewed mood of optimism and happiness to the patients. But more importantly, it helped the students learned about humanity. An increased concern for helping those less fortunate, heightened sense of love, the ability to communicate love, developed a great compassion, deeper understanding of life.  
Actually, I can never muster the right words to convey what ELC is doing. But as a member of the BKA for the good they have been doing, the way they’re educating their students, we place on them highest honour and always pray best wishes for this school. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My birthday!

The sun is barely making it over the mountains. Its rays just start slanting tantalizingly over the Thimphu valley. And by the window, at home, this morning, I sit reverent, reflective. The cool morning breeze is gently gushing across my face. Ah, the loveliness of morning. Tenderness. So much beauty. But, today…umm…today’s my Birthday! I’m, uh, 29 now.

But unlike on my past birthdays, very surprisingly, today I sit here reminiscing and wondering how I had spent those 29 years. And now I keep turning pages of my life, one by one. It’s full of milestones though. And a very long journey. I had travelled, in 29 years, between childhood and adulthood, between innocence and knowledge, between love and hatred, between laughter and tears, between hopes and chaos. I still carry all those memories with me. Some forgotten, others partially distorted, and many reverberating in my mind. And of course, all those memories make my life. Me. 29-year old.

I’ll tell you that my life so far has been intense, always, overwhelming. I had lived a very alert and bright childhood, I could tell. But, I too turned lousy in the later stage of my life.

Like any one of you, my wallet had been thick and thin. Or more aptly, thin often. I had done wrong, been wrong. Dismayed, confused, and anxious. Along the way, I had stumbled so many times, even hitting my lowest point. But I too learned to find ways to adjust to difficult circumstances and times.

Also, I had loved a woman so madly. More than ever had I guts to admit. I lost her, by the way. All along after that, I searched for another woman to love again, whom, I thought, could make me complete. I chose partners and changed partners. But now I learned that it’s not about finding the woman of my dream. It’s, more importantly, about finding the endurance and happiness within myself. Self-discovery, that is.
This 29 years, oddly, wonderfully, has taught me to become more patient. For better or worse, I’ve also become more honest in my exchanges, more clear in my priorities, more focused in what I do or work and more open to new ideas. I’ve developed more hope, more capacity within. Now I can dance better, walk farther.

Yet, I still have lots more to do and achieve in life. To do my masters, buy a car, build a house, settle down, travel across the world, and write good books. But I’m getting older and I’ve been realizing this. And to think about this transition (getting older) in life is sad, at times scary. But nevertheless, it’s inevitable. Right?

And the funniest truth? I still feel that I don’t quite understand fully about life. Honestly. Not even today, on my 29th birthday. He-he. But with every passing day I feel that I’m just beginning to understand the miracle of life, little by little. And that’s the way of life-enigmatic. There’s meaning and majesty in just living. And so, surprise. Joy. Glory.

Still here, I sit. By the window, looking way up in the sky painted all in glorious blue. Oh, the sunlight is shimmering all over the hill, illuminating light, warmth and life. My mind is clear and awakened; my heart is filled with warmth, goodness, and gratefulness.

And now, right now, right here, on my 29th birthday, I learn that we’ve to accept all this transitions in life. Let go of things which are irretrievable. And I’ve to ready myself for the next stage of my life, which I’m sure, will be full of great moments, realizations and wisdom.