Thursday, November 29, 2012

A few words about bachelorhood

It’s always a breathlessly exciting topic to talk about. Isn’t it? For lack of a better word, the bachelorhood is fucking great. Bet you! Because I know it; after all, I’m a bachelor.  


So to speak…I live in a rented apartment in Motithang. And guess what? Motithang is the talk of the town (most beautiful women and elites of Thimphu live here). But I tell you that the world here is bizarrely crazy: the sounds of kids and cars during day time; and volley of noises of barking dogs at night. Ha-ha!
And this bachelor doesn’t own car. Yes, not even a motorbike. Honestly. Because the idea of buying a car had slipped through my grasp as I could never learn to trim my spending and the saving always remained negative. For me, everyday was the Pedestrian Day.

This is one reason why many girls denied going out with me, yes, for date. LOL! They say, “Druk 11, please no, no!” or “i11, eh, no chance la.” Well, this is embarrassing and also hysterically funny. And I only scratched my head and muttered, “Huh, jedha”.

The truth is, while I reveled in bachelorhood, I also sought companionship. What I’m referring to is that I did date girls. Occasionally, though. Tsk. Tsk. Not kidding.   
Ahem…I got too little sleep and rest. Allow me to become honest with you, which I prefer. Most nights were spent with rowdy friends bar-hopping, sipping a cocktail on a breezy late night and making intellectual noises (throwing cool comments on politics and business). After that, dance partying, head-banging.
There was no breakfast, and no proper lunch and dinner. I was in hurry and running late, all time: to office, meetings, social gatherings, on dates, everywhere. Sometimes, things got a wee bit out of hand. I had notoriously erred and also survived several desperate scrambles. How insane!   

I dare say a bachelor’s life is very intense, full of milestones. It’s undeniably the most exciting part of my life though. That said, it added further gloss to my life’s experience. It helped me become contemplative, more complete. Now I’ve a greater talent for joy and a larger embrace of life.   

Let’s admit that there is a reason why I’m still a bachelor. You would wonder what the hell was wrong with me. My point is that it’s important to give myself enough time to discover who I’m and where I want to go before I can bring somebody along for the ride.

And pleasing others or just to follow what our society wants us to be must take a back seat. After all, in the end, what matters most is our own happiness. And we’re always starved for that laughter that bubbles up inside you and cannot be faked.

Frankly speaking, bachelorhood has worked to perfection for me. At least, for now.

But I’m realizing something, and trying to accept it, too. I know that with time, things will change and it’s never going to be same forever-not precisely, not ever. There comes a time when bachelorhood won’t anymore serve its purpose to me and another phase of life, marriage, would perfectly suit me.
And lo and behold, this year's autumn has taught me a significant lesson: dropping of leaves - letting go of what no longer serves us or required anymore, so that we can embrace new beginning.


  1. It is time to say goodbye to your bshi[p and start looking for a woman to call your companion. While it may last it is wonderful time/period, but how long can you go on like this? Or do you intend to be one throughout your life? Then you may as well go and join some monasteries. Hehe...enjoy while it may last!

    Cheers bro!

  2. Wooo.......bachelor you are but that is because you are a Casanova.......

  3. Sir, I was mistaken then? I thought you are already married with kids..:P
    I guess time will come anyway.
    Keep the lamp of single-hood alive as you have or better start with so called freedom-less marriage afterall..LOl..
    Best wishes!...

  4. huh..interesting but not surprising! so thinking of entering matrimony?


  5. An interesting post as always. You seem to have fully enjoyed and reaped the benefits of remaining a bachelor. But at the same time, the arrival and going of autumn have made you think more. Enjoyed reading the post, Riku sir.

  6. Hi Riku,
    I never knew that life when I was a bachelor, yes there is a silent muffled cry within but am very glad I met my wife. She is the best thing that has happened to me.
    It was a very interesting read like always.

  7. Just to borrow your words...yea...bachelorhood is fucking great...we are late for almost everything but we don't mind either...yes this phrase of life has its own time....the TIME will and must come for another innings of life "marriage". Keep writing sir ji....

  8. Guys, thank you so much for your wonderful words. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Life has no rules, ur life is best the way u live and I see u interestingly spending ur time. You won't find ur best match from the car window, therefore remain car-less until u find ur girl.
    Had fun reading it but took quite sometime to write this comment because its difficult to write from mobile.

  10. Bachelorhood equals freedom. Enjoy as much as you can.

    P,S, It seems like m the only girl commenting here. I wouldn't miss a post of yours ;)