Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A tree, four seasons

I am constantly awed and moved by the trees. I loved it so much! Midway to my office from my home, I always see a tree, just a few yards down the road. Always, I inch my way towards it and look at it. And I looked so admirably and take its pictures. It’s exactly one year that I’ve been doing this.

In winter, I saw it exhausted by hardest of wintry weather; in spring, sprouting in fresh leaves and bussing birds; in summer, growing lush in green and abundance; and in autumn, its leaves and seeds have stripped down, decaying on the ground.

More importantly, this tree has become my great master, in its truest sense. It constantly teaches me about different aspects of life. You can view this tree in four different seasons:

In winter:

In spring:

In summer:

In Autumn:


  1. hey, its like u pulled words from my heart n put it into paper. That really is a magnificent tree. I see it daily too. Everything u said, i was nodding.
    as 4 me,i love spring n i am o.k with the falls. I just dont like it post Nov. And,i loathe winters. Anyways,everyone has their own favorite season, and each season has it's own special character. Spring is renewal n a time of promise, fall is saying goodbye to Summer.It's beautiful, but sort of sadness when i see the tree in winter.. Nice post!.

  2. great that u observed round the four seasons on the same tree......just great Sir!

  3. Thank you two. Have a good day!

  4. Its like Four Stages of Life.......

    Keep posting............ Ritu Sir