Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter from a Pemagatshelpa

This is a letter from a friend of mine who lives in Pemagatshel. Read it below how he perceives Thimphu and people here:

Hey dude,

How is the cold out there?
You know what?
I asked God to help you guys by not having to use AC in winter
And make air from His fridge flow
So that you guys can wear wollen jacket once in a year, he-he.
I hope you must be loving that.

No wonder, Thimphu is a heaven,
Geographically on high mountains,
Spiritually blessed with dzongs and other religious sites,
Financially, the Bhutan’s Wall Street.
Demographically, the populous centre,
The corridors of power.

And for the people like you
That is heaven,
If not, it truly is hell.

Regrettably, the worst kind of people live out there,
Robotic ones,
Riddled with ego as high as Sangaygang,
Pride as long as Thimchu,
Heart as cold as the weather at present.

Thimphu is truly the place for dreamers
Because dreams are broken there, if not made.
But you still have scores of gangs around
To give you solace with drugs and violence.

If you dream of power
You get to watch people in power,
With shining patangs and colourful kabneys

If you crave for wealth,
You get to watch people drive fancy cars
And constructing towering buildings.

If you wish to fly like a bird,
You still can climb the hills of Sangaygang,
Watch Thimphu City with bird's eye view
And consider oneself as a bird
But from the panting of your breath from the uphill climb

Beautiful! Beautiful!

All decorated high profile people live there deciding policies for us.
Alas! They’re those corrupts, who steal the poor’s property,
Break or manipulate the law for their benefits,
And pleasure themselves in honour of kanchi.

Despite the stereotype, not everything in Thimphu is sinful.
Relationships are taken for granted.
One day, you steal your friend’s wife or girlfriend,
Another day, he steals yours.

Folks must go to Kuenselphodrang
And fuck or get fucked
In the presence of the giant Dordenma Buddha

Because the giant Buddha's eyes can reach anywhere people think.
Why not fuck openly, right in front of Him;
After all, there’s no hiding place from Buddha's eyes

True…for amorous pursuits!

That’s life out there. Enjoy! 


  1. Who's the writer? Haha. Such a good poem. I enjoyed reading it. I am guessing the poet could most probably be...Leave it. I could be wrong. lol Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. There is no denying on any word and ground, I best love the way looks at Pemagatshel so positively.

  3.,,wow,,,!!! The fact it is. Thanks for putting into words.

  4. I will definitely pass your words to him. Thank you so much!