Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sunset in Gelephu

I spent last solid week with my parents in Gelephu. And what a joy to spend uninterrupted time with them, on them, back in village! Indeed, it offered a break from this intense city – reenergized my mind and heart.

You know what? Often late afternoon, I went out for walk, so in particular I’ve been watching the sunset. The sun was always golden, and so were the sky and plain. I would stop right there, sit, watching the sun, aghast and amazed - in a little bit of terror and a huge amount of wonder.
The sun looked like something out of an exotic magazine and never failed to throw me into a snapping, picture frenzy. I felt an intense need to hold it in my hand and keep it my pocket, he-he. Crazy me. And I wondered, duly, at how the sun turns into so magical, gorgeous as it sets. A magical thing!


  1. Gorgeous. I always love the sunset and the sunrise. The feeling at that moment impeccable.

  2. Beautiful images, may favorite is the prayer flags and the setting sun.