Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Finding beauty in everyday life

The most beautiful word in the English language is “Beauty”. For me, at least. This earth as we walk on, the beauty manifests or unfurls in a thousand different ways every moment, every single day. And I’ve fairly believed that we, humans, deserve all good things life has to offer us. And in order to notice and honour beauty around me in my everyday life, I named my blog, Finding beauty in everyday life.
So, beauty is the heartbeat of my writing, running through every post of my blog. And more eloquently, it also runs through my own life. My blog, my words, talk deliberately about the beauty that spreads around us, about the good things, and about the magical joy. Also, the photographs of what appealed to me, what intrigued me.
Everyday – for everything - I walk around, seeking out for beauty. I spare a small wedge of my time from the busy schedule and watch the sunset. And I’m constantly overcome by wonder.  I love witnessing the snowflakes, feeling magical. I feel like a fairy amidst the spring flowers and trees. I even try finding grace and comfort in our monotonous and mundane activity.
I admit that I’ve to fight the temptation not to look out for or write about the things that stress or offend me. Like anyone of you, my life too has a plenty of tears, struggling, frustration, and weariness.  But I always try to find and see the beauty and grace mixed in all this.
It’s more than that, too. The practice of writing here, on my blog, finding beauty in everyday life, has deeply changed the way I relate to and engage with the world and people around me. It sumptuously healed my wounded spirits - my negativity disarmed, my aggression dissolved, and my hatred and confusion slowly disappearing. I feel that I’ve discovered a greater talent for joy, a larger embrace of life. Maybe I am wrong. But I’m doing what feels right for me. Finding beauty in everyday life. Both internal and outside.
Today, right now, right here, as I walk outside, the brilliant green leaves and blossoms of the peach trees stir in the air. I watch them. I’m dazzled. Lo and behold, there’s a thing of beauty!   


  1. Finding beauty and ultimately happy!!! I am happy that I find so much beauty in your writing sir!!

    Are you happy when you find beauty?

  2. Yah, I know what you are trying to say. Blogging is always a fun place to share our beautiful trash :)