Thursday, October 31, 2013

Everything that autumn brings

Fall surrendered quickly in Thimphu. And what seemed like minutes, the trees were already turning yellow, slowly stripping off their leaves. By the way, it’s still October. Oh, a long winter lay ahead of us. But I loved it.

Yes, I loved an increased blueness and depth to the sky that autumn brings. Strangely, it got cold so quick this fall. But I loved the feeling of chill air and putting on my warm clothes.

The way smoke comes from my mouth, I loved it too. That’s exactly what I’m doing, right now, right here.

And going through your blog, reading it non-stop. One more thing, this writing my blog post in this year’s autumn’s chill was simply overwhelming.

To put it precisely, you would love everything about the fall. 

Photo courtesy: Kinzang Tshering, MoHCA


  1. Stumbled on your blog while doing a google search for images of Bhutan. Your writing and you photos are so beautiful, they brought back all kinds of memories that I thought had long faded away. I am a long way from way home and haven't been back in quite a while.Thank you for making my evening.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment. It feels wonderful to know that it rekindled your old beautiful memories. Have a wonderful day!

  3. A short note on Autumn huh!
    Loved it. The color of Autumn is my favorite. The color of Spring is my favorite too :)
    Enjoy the cold weather Sir ji!!!

  4. Thank you Yeshi. And do study well.

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