Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One step closer to Russia

The dragon boys gave a spectacular performance in the second leg match (World Cup Qualifying) against Sri Lanka at Changlimithang Stadium this afternoon. We won with final score 2:1 (aggregate 3:1). What a treat have had watched the game! What a happiness to know that Bhutan finally progresses to next round!

To put it straight, drukpa boys completely dominated the game and had many open chances. However, the end result justified everything. Above all, Chencho Gyeltshen, the forward, scored both goals. It’s Chencho’s day; it’s Bhutan’s day.   

On the other hand, the spectators were simply amazing – forty thousand plus. I believe this is the largest, craziest crowd ever gathered by Changlimithang. The crowd supported the national team hard and really behaved well, treated the players of both teams with respect and honour. Truly Drukpa. Impressed everyone.

So here, I brought you some pictures of the match. Sorry for the picture quality; it’s shot in my 16 megapixel digital camera.
The Dragon bonding
Spectators flagged off yellows and oranges 
First Druk 11
Sri Lanka 11
Dragons press forward
Unlikely a dragon rider

Good luck dragon boys in your next game!


  1. Only you can capture the moments perfectly, thumbs up man......... thanks for sharing the pictures..........

    1. Thank you so much, Tempa Sir. I hope you watched the match on TV. Have a pleasant evening!