Tuesday, May 12, 2015

PaSsu and his Knight

At a road widening site, between Lobesa and Wangdue, the bus stopped suddenly. After inquiring a site supervisor, the bus driver announced, “The traffic will open after one hour.” By the way, I was travelling to Gelephu to visit my parents in the village.
Other passengers apparently turned restless and frustrated, but I merrily sprinted out of the bus. Often I have been travelling via Wangdue but I didn’t really spend a good time here. Each time I travelled from this place, I tend to look at Bajothang particularly the High School.

“Oh, this is the place where our blogger friend, PaSsu, live,” I used to think about the Bhutan’s most popular blogger, feeling elated and happy.   
So this was a perfect opportunity for me to explore the place where Passang Tshering had worked and written most of his blog stories, at least for an hour. 

The story of this place has been sufficiently written by PaSsu and if anything I read and know about it, then it would be from this teacher’s blog.

Well, he is someone who always has something to say and I haven’t missed his single post. Besides his bold and fearless stories, I love his witty and credible word building.  

But do I really need to say it?  

However, incapable of writing forward, I always go through his site and get inspired. If PaSsu had quit blogging, then I would have stopped writing long time back. He is the one person who drags me on to continue blogging.   
Well, in all my time there, this place appeared so familiar to me. Every corner, every nook and cranny evoked fresh memories. I knew this place well, it seemed to me. Bajo School and Town, Buddha’s face and many more.

Meanwhile, my mind bounced on his most popular and viral post Letter to Khaw BoonWan and then to other significant posts Say No to Sex on Camera and Jigme's surprise morning speech.  

At the end, I was engulfed by emptiness looking at Bajothang. The place suddenly appeared empty. For he has left the place, for bigger venture, for Paro. I felt sad.
The traffic reopened and we got back in the bus. But I kept on looking at Bajothang. 

Amidst the heat and dust there, however, a fond feeling embraced me when I suddenly remembered another blogger of Bajo who has been hugely inspired by PaSsu. Dawa Knight.  

As the bus drove away along the enchanting Punatshangchu, I marveled at my own feeling that this young engineer could fill the emptiness of my heart left behind by PaSsu. I simply hoped to read a lot of stories about Bajo from Dawa.   


  1. I had a similar feeling when I went on study tour to PHPA but you have summed up beautifully. Keep writing. Take care :D

  2. So excellently noted, Rikuji.... Passu Sir has inspired so many of us, of that I have no doubt. His letter to Mr. Khaw was the first post that got me to his blog in 2012..... Since then I have been his ardent follower. I can feel without him in Bajo, the town would have been silent now, at least for his readers like us... But we have started learning more about Paro now. We also hope to learn more about Royal Academy where he is working at present. A very interesting post. Keep writing, mate. I am sure Passu Sir and Dawa Knight would be impressed by this article. Enjoy your weekends!

  3. Riku, I can't tell you how touched I am. I can never truly understand how my insignificant writings went so far to impact a few of you but it gives me so much joy and satisfaction when I hear such kind words from personalities like you. Thank you for remembering me in such profoundness, from the place where I began everything. I don't know how Bajo feels without me, but I feel empty without Bajo.
    I trust Dawa Knight fill the emptiness before he too says good bye

  4. Its true..Passu had always been a good writer, espcially his creative muse. I have always secretly admiring and loving his creative muse when we were boys of youth, back in our Drukgyal days. Thank you Passu Hato (I lovingly and jokingly call him, whenever we meetand chat)..Thank you for you always are an inspiration to many budding writers and Me too (not to mention) and i just started to blog, finding hard time from my HardTimes... I am beginning to feel that I am also going to rip Thinleygang apart sooner or later, BUT before I get transfered from here...heheheee