Saturday, May 2, 2015

“Thank you Bhutan”

Yesterday night, I was chatting with a Nepali friend on Facebook. This was our first contact after his country was hit by the deadly earthquake on April 25 which killed over 6,600 people. However, I was quite happy to find him and other friends safe in Nepal.       

“I could just manage everything again after the disaster,” he answered me. Meanwhile, he went on sharing the news of the disaster in his country: about 10 millions people affected; 60 thousands houses collapsed. All the affected people were homeless and they were facing shortage of foods, water and shelter.

I expressed my concern for him and all the affected people of our neighboring country (over 28 millions population) and told him that Bhutan too experienced the quake on April 25.

“Oh quake again!!!” he wrote.

I asked him, worried, “When?”

“Just now! So scary all time,” he replied, apparently panicked.

Concerned, I told him to stay alert and safe. He informed me that Nepal has experienced almost 700 hits of tremors in the last six days and the people were living outside in the open.  

Then I informed him that a relief team comprising of 63 Bhutanese personnel are there in Nepal helping the survivors of the disaster as commanded by our King. Also, I informed him that Bhutan has been planning to send some more support.  

The Nepali friend told me that he saw the Bhutanese relief team (in orange uniform) in Nepal. “They are doing great,” he said adding, “We are very grateful.”

“Thank you Bhutan,” he expressed his gratitude.

I was immensely touched by his words. I felt proud too.

Besides I am so happy to know that Bhutan is the first country to personally handover the financial assistance to the Nepalese government. More importantly, our Prime Minister himself led the relief team to Nepal.  

I salute all the Drukpas in orange uniform in Nepal!

Photos: Bhutan4Nepal


  1. I too feel proud that Bhutan has been able to provide support to the victims of this catastrophic earthquake in Nepal. This shows that we are a true GNH country. We have put the needs of others above ours own here. Our hospitals are struggling with the shortage of specilized doctors but yet we have managed to send many of them to Nepal to treat the victims and we have initiated many fund-raising events apart from what the government has already offered to Nepali government. May God bless all the Nepalese affected by this earthquake. Let us all remember them in our prayers. It's a nice post, Riku. I am glad that your friend is safe, and yes, I too have a few blind friends in Nepal and I am glad that they r all safe...

    1. Amrith Sir, thank you so much for the comment. As always you drop by here and leave comment. Have a pleasant day!