Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sharing his life through arts

How do you imagine your life without art? How do you imagine this world without art? I started asking these questions after I had attended a Solo Art Exhibition at Nehru-Wangchuk Centre in Thimphu very recently.
Artist and me
Of course, how barren and shallow our existence would be without creative arts and expressions, isn’t it?

With the support from the Department of Information and Media, MoIC, Artist Dorji Gyeltshen put up an exhibition of his arts for 10 days (April 25-May 5). In fact, it’s one of the best non-existing contemporary art exhibitions I had ever attended.
Very vibrant and colourful, the arts were so deeply rich and enthralling. Dorji’s acrylic and watercolour paintings are diverse and connect very well into the concepts of Buddhism, our landscapes and nature, and time.

The more I stayed at the exhibition hall, the more engrossed I was. The more I looked at the arts, the deeper meaning I could derive. The more I admired the arts, the more I could connect to the arts and artist. And I became happier, contend.
That was the power of Dorji’s arts. That was the power of this art exhibition.

Arts can not only bring aesthetic pleasure to our life and enrich our cultural heritage, but they contribute to the quality of life and wellbeing. That’s what I learned from Dorji’s arts.
Dorji Gyeltshen, 32, is one of the founding members of VAST Bhutan in 1998. Asha Karma, Founder of VAST Bhutan, has tutored him. He had also conducted Solo Art Exhibition in Singapore and Sherubtse College in the past.

On the art exhibition booklet, the artist wrote, “My artistic expression is a way for me to share my life and my vulnerabilities with others.”
Tiger's Nest painting
“I live through joy and sorrow, courage and fear, strength and weakness, love, pain, life and death. These are fundamental values that characterize all human existence, and….these human experiences are the subject I like to share with the world,” he stated. 


  1. Hi Riku, I love attending Art exhibitions. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures.

    Btw..have added your blog to my list of my favourite bloggers I stalk frequently :)

    1. Good to know that you also love attending Art Exhibitions. Rachna, thank you for adding my blog there.

  2. Wow!! I love his paintings from the glance in your post. I could see his keen eyes and talent. I was trained in Advertising studies in USA and studied illustration as well. I used to spend much time in New York City and California during my young days to observe the Art Exhibitions there.

    1. Glad to know about you here. Thanks much for your comment.

  3. HI Riku,

    Thank you for the post --- without it, looks like I would have missed seeing some really powerful work --- I will certainly make it to the exhibition today without fail.

    1. Yeshey Dorji Sir, I hope you have made to the exhibition. Dorji is a talented young artist of Bhutan.

  4. A nice post, Riku. I have heard about his artistic talents a few days ago from some people who had been there to attend the exhibition. We must really recognize such resources and encourage more Bhutanese artists to embrace his ideas and skills. Next time I should take my son and daughter as well to attend such exhibitions. They are also very interested in arts. Please let me know if your office organizes such programs again in the future.