Monday, August 16, 2010

Drayang girls observe International Youth Day

Every night at their own workplace they are being teased so filthily, coaxed and physically fondled. They have been looked down by the society. In every man's lips these groups of girls just carry a false name tag of "easy sex".
Maybe we have borrowed wrong connotations about this industry from other cultures? The drayng girls are not only to entertain their customers but also to avail themselves physically to men in their beds. This false connotation is being implanted in the mindset of our society too.

These groups of young girls of about 14 drayangs are just earning their bread to sustain their livings or support their parents or siblings. They choose this profession not by "choice" but as a"last resort" as reported by one of the national newspapers recently. Often they are being exploited by men and they have no choice but tolerate in smile, reads the paper.

May we give them a second thought and of course a comppassion? Let us forget them as a sex fulfillment or evening enticer for sex-hungry men. More humane or logical outlook should be provoked in every one of us as this industry is growing very fast and becoming popular. More and more of the young girls are being deployed in this profession and undeniably they are being exploited every night.

First of all they are one of us and one of our own sisters. Secondly and more importantly they are young people, innocent and vulnerable. Most of them are youth just below 20 years of age.

Like a youth brought up in a supportive family, they too need a space to grow, think about their future and require adequate supports in their dreams and achievements.

It is basically on this ground that Department of Youth and Sports (DYS), Ministry of Education has called upon and included the draying girls as youth from this year's International Youth Day which was celebrated last Thursday on August 12. With other 100 students from Thimphu dzongkhag, eight drayang girls have participated on the occasion which was to advocate them as a youth and need support in their challenging lives.

The DYS has pioneered to take this initiative to include the drayang girls as out-of-school youth.

Including the drayang girls as youth, DYS believes that we can fight against the societal ingrained infamous impression on them. We want to break this grimy connotation of these young girls and work out to support them in finding dignified jobs and providing counseling related to their health and other problems.

Now in collaboration with DYS, the drayang girls can come forward and raise their concerns and problems pertaining to their lives, health and jobs. Like any other school student, they can gainfully involve with various exciting activities that DYS offers very frequently for youth.


  1. very true....i wish every Bhutanese and an individual could perceive like you. Not only the drayang girls, even boys are also exploited, says a documentary produced by BBS.

    DYS is doing a great job on humanity. Kudos!!

  2. poverty and destitution forced them. they are vulnerable to the money, and sex. they fall easy victim. there is nothing wrong in the girls doing it. but the bar-shop hosting such small drayangs makes it bit unclean. many go for a easy get, and they come out with some expenditure of two three bottles and one night charge for food and lodge. becomes kind of open prostitution ( pardon me if i am bit wrong here).
    i would very much like that government donot allow such things. there are betta options in life even if someone is left with no option. okie, if at all government sees this as one way of living to avoid destitution and adversity of drop-out young girls, then these drayangs should not be in the bar or it should not sell alcohols and other stuffs. can at least remain clean. should have bouncers and guards to avoid fights and chaos.