Friday, May 4, 2018

Winter in the Summer

Picture: Thimphu City

As always, this noon we have snuggled down in our favourite place. It’s a small wooden shelter with an open balcony for people to sit and just relax. We are just done with our work and then lunch.

This particular moment, right now, the rain starts beating down on us. Heavily. As a ritual, extremely chilly wind gushes in. I rub my hands and then my knees furiously to keep myself warm.

We are experiencing a strange weather this year and I can’t believe what’s happening with our universe. It’s already May - you know - it’s already summer, but hey look the cold winter is never leaving us. In fact, quite surprisingly, the days are getting colder. For that matter, we are still using the room heater and not able to shove off our jackets. 

“It seems like there will be snowfall this summer,” my friend sitting next to me speaks.

“Looks like that,” I respond him and after a brief moment I add, “Actually I’d be rather glad if it does. Snowfall in summer…cool!”

After that, I reflect on what I just said and ask many more questions one after another: Will it snow this summer? What would be like it does? Ever in the past did Thimphu receive snowfall in summer? Is it all right to get snow when it’s supposed to be monsoon? What if the cold never leaves us and entire cycle of weather goes awry?

Courtesy: The title of this blog post is inspired by Tashi Yangden's Facebook post.


  1. You have spoken my mind too...I think it's the symptom of global climate change.. I am currently in Kanglung and here too, it's still cold in the morning and evening...

    1. Amrith Sir, thank you for the comment. Have a good time with youth.