Thursday, September 30, 2010

Breaking the Code of Love

I lacked many things in my life, that I was only half a person

I wandered around seeking for my other half

And I found she, my other half

I saw in her the goodness, truth and beauty I have been looking for

My thirst for sincerity, sacredness has been fulfilled

When I found these qualities in her, I felt I didn’t lack anything

And I was less alone

I felt so peaceful, so happy, so content sitting by her.

Wherever I was I just wanted to be with her

I felt stronger, I felt powerful

I felt strong coz I have found a companion who can understand me

Yet, I felt all alone, in my own world

No one understood me and I understood no one

I was never happy with one person coz that happiness is so small, so delicate

A trivial crack in this fragile love brings an unlimited grief, so insecure

Limited love, temporary happiness!

Afterward, I wanted to love but not just one person

I wanted to love thousands of people and other living beings

I wanted to be associable with many people

I wanted to build a mind of great equality, wanted to build a responsible love

I discovered then, love could open up and become measureless

You are happy; your love is wholesome when you can relate to all people and sentient beings

That energy of love is pure, steady and everlasting

This wholesome love never hurts you, but grows stronger and become more protective

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