Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Poor show in a teacher-parent Meeting

Just a month ago, I attended a teacher-parents meeting at a school in Thimphu. I am not the parent of the student to whom I attended the meeting for. Rather, I was forced by my brother to attend the meeting for his son.

He told me he was busy with his other “urgent” works and his wife seemed too busy with her household chores. Although reluctant, I attended the meeting.

I was very shocked when I saw the number of parents attending the meeting. I scanned my nephew’s classroom (class 4). I counted the heads; there were only 11 parents for the 55-student-classroom. Rest of them, 44 parents, missed the meeting. A poor show from the parents’ side, I guessed then.

Another unfamiliarity situation caught my confused attention again. This time it was young group of parents who came for the meeting. Some of them are as young as the students of class four. Does it mean that they were also forced into attending the meeting like me? Or are they also proxy of the parents like me?

Today most of the parents are always busy with their ‘busyness’. They value their materialistic business over their children. They don’t give their time and support to their children.

Our parents should realize to give enough quality time to their children. Alongside their children, we have to manage, devise and pass on our skills and experience to them.

Supporting in children growth, we have to recognize their works and progress. Thus, we are unanimously acknowledging the importance of young people and their critical role they play in the community and the developments.

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