Monday, September 27, 2010

A letter of felicitation to Miss Bhutan 2010

Dear Retty,

Congrats for winning the Miss Bhutan 2010 crown! We're proud to have you representing the nation at the Miss World pageant in China.

However, changing times have brought different definitions of beauty. And today, the prestigious Miss Bhutan title asks for more than having a pretty face, perfect figure and winning the crown. It demands you to be beautiful from within too, and the position will give you a great opportunity to give back to your society.

I think you know that charity work is integral to the beauty pageant ethos. In each country the crowned queens volunteer their time or fundraise for charity. They involve in the humanitarian works, counterpart with non-governmental organizations and support conducting non-political events to collect contributions from the partners, sponsors and fellow supporters to support the underprivileged ones. Thus, the Miss Bhutan crown also asks a greater time and responsibilities from you. It sincerely asks for your self-effacing commitment and willingness to serve our society. Social, cultural, religious and charitable activities are the qualities that you should fulfill.

Let me tell you this. Some international beauty queens have raised money, clothing and books for those poor children in far-off areas which were highly recommended by the critics. Since 1998, each Miss USA has spent  days and months educating the public about breast and ovarian cancer. Due to her participation in the events like breast cancer walks, seminars and telethons, they could raise millions of dollars for research and treatments.

As Miss Bhutan, you can also bring smiles and happiness to the hundreds of the needy people all around our country. You can also contribute to our society by promoting our culture and tourism thereby propagating the real essence of GNH globally.

To begin your noble journey, you can visit the Patient Guests House at JDWNRH where more than 33 homeless people and kidney patients who are undergoing dialysis are housed. Work with the concerned NGOs organize events for fundraising or organ donations. You may also visit the Memorial Chorten and help those homeless senior citizens  building old age home for them. Even a plate of rice a day would be a luxurious meal for them.
Because 500 people (UNAIDS, 2006) are living with HIV/AIDS in Bhutan and the victims of this disease are innocent housewives (women) and children, you as Miss Bhutan have the job of working with the concerned NGOs and traveling the country to speak on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. By educating yourself about HIV/AIDS, lending a helping hand and making a donation, you too can help.

Because Bhutan has half the population of youth, because youth are unemployed and are into substance abuse or gang violence, you can advocate their issues to make them productive citizens.

Because about 23 percent of the Bhutanese still live under poverty line, because they live in absolute poverty six months a year, you can work towards alleviating hunger and malnutrition. You can start an advocacy initiative to raising the awareness, political will and funding necessary to eliminate poverty in the country.

Because domestic violence is prevalent in Bhutan (112 cases reported in 2006), because underprivileged women are the victims of the domestic violence, you can work with various NGOs to advocate the issues of women to capacity building and empowering them.
In your reign of two years, I and all the citizen of Bhutan heartily expect that you work to save lives, empower underprivileged people and ensure quality care for all.

Thank you,

All the best for your contest at Miss Earth pageant!

Yours well wisher.

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