Sunday, January 23, 2011

Teaser Teasing!

An idea or feeling, so strange, extraordinary hovers over my mind. Sprayed so freshly, so colorfully that I want to grasp it, not letting it go away. Desiring to keep it me forever, that I long to pen it down right away and immortalize it.

I run-round my room in extreme ecstasy. Jump to my room enthusiastically, seated in front of my PC all smiles, try hard to submit my feelings-recollect, catch and pour down each word.

However, one fear remains in my tender heart-that each second may steal away the words from me.

And consequently the words lost, the feelings go dry and the whole idea disappears into thin air- the feelings so strong, the idea so distinctive and extraordinary leaves me unsowed in my heart and PC.

Frustrated, I turn around, kick the furniture and punch on the walls. A bottle of arra in my bedroom's corner remains so inviting. I take a sip, then two and a whole bottle-drink it as if for my lost-love.

Drunk ruthlessly with local arra and undeniably in utmost exasperation, again I try my nerve to recollect those words, reframe it in my mind and try submitting in my PC. The arra; however, disappointingly ate up the few words lingering in my head.

Depression ensnared me so badly and I panicked helplessly. No come back of the lost idea, it left me forever.

I cried in remorse. I couldn’t grasp and own the most remarkable idea or a feeling. I just let it go away.

A week or two later, I will be reading my friends’ blogs. Suddenly I come across my idea posted: written exactly how I had felt a week ago. He expresses the feelings in best words that I had just dreamed.

And how I envy the writer, though?

I tried to gain back the article, snatch it from the writer and own it. But I am helpless again as it was already owned by another person.

More and dangerous depression engulfed me; this time with enraged jealousy and inferiority.

Shall I take another bottle of arra?

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  1. hahaha,i forbid thou! no another bottle of ara :)
    luks like u are so enraged with jealousy n inferiority which is un defined hre and i do not noe wad also...
    its nice to see another of your post hre after quite a while...nice one as always..kip posting!