Monday, February 27, 2012

The plain beauty

Gelephu has been in my heart, core of it. Always. I was born here. I was grown into adulthood here. Each time I visit Gelephu, um, I get a huge dose of memories.

But one thing that never fails to fascinate me here, in particular, is the enormously magnificent plain roads. Roads, here, are not bumpy, no “turning” where your head starts spinning, causing giddiness and after sometime puking.

If you’re on a joyride, you’d just love to crane out from the rear windows and chill out against the cool breeze. If you set out in the evening, you’d unfailingly notice the sunset (where the sun grows from a faint, into brighter, bigger and red, then into pink). And I swear you’d watch it, spellbound, until the end.  

Also, you’d see the loveliness of the Gelephu countryside. Ripening stalks of golden rice, on all sides, stretch clear for acres and acres. Herds of cattle returning to their sheds after grazing in the meadows. Areca nuts plants growing tall. Farmers, their heads padded with rumal (cloth piece) and curving sickles in their hands working in the fields.

You’d feel that there’s space and dignity for everyone here. Here, people live as all their folk do-with respect, decency and simplicity. 

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