Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A man behind the Chuzangang rice


I always feel proud to talk about my father. My father is Lal Bdr. Subba and is in late 60s. To tell you, my father is the sole person behind the production of Chuzangang rice, thanks to the agriculture ministry that initiated farm mechanization in my village since 2008. In fact, he is the only person who has started farm mechanization and rice commercialization in Sarpang.

Every year, my father cultivates over 37 acres land of rice plantation in Chuzangang. Annually, he produces from 300 to 500 muri (60 kgs in one muri) of rice. All this harvest is reserved for the agriculture ministry, which later processed by the rice mills and packaged as the Chuzangang Rice. The marketing agent, then, supplies the packaged rice all over Bhutan.

Raw rice for packaging:

My father and his rice mill and maize mill:

His tractor:

Rice dropping machine:

Rice field and irrigation canal:


  1. This is really a huge investment for government and as well as for personal reasons (for the family).
    Simply incredible!
    I hope the production remains productive and secured all the time.

  2. it is a great news Riku. I hope you will take it one step further and sell them as organic chuzergang rice to high end consumers. have the rice branded!!! man you have a great future there.

  3. Really?
    When rupee crisis began the first thing that came to my mind was banning on import of Rice, because we could produce on our own. I saw rice from Chusergang in few shops in Wangude and always wondered why we are not paying attention to this initiative... But now the time has come to pay tribute to your father's work. Please pay him my respect and tell them big time is here and he should produce more now!
    You are a son of a very smart farmer and I am wondering what you are doing in Thimphu. If I were you I would go back to farm and add education to farming!

  4. Wow - Riku. Amazing. You should be proud of your father.As PaSsu rightly pointed out, a big time has come now. You should render all possible support to the man behind Chuzergang rice. Kudos to your innovative father!